6/19 PM ROOM 108 (BULG. B) ROOM 214 (BULG. B) ROOM 214 (BULG. A) ROOM 215 (BULG. A)
Session 1.1 Session 2.1 Session 3.1 Session 4.1
ZHANG Tingwei/ TIAN Li Daniel Sui/ SONG XiaoDong CHEN Xueming/ PAN HaiXiao XU Jiangang/ YANG GuiQing moderator
1 14:00-14:15 Zhang Tingwei The planning, construction and management of urban public open space JIN Gui  WANG Zhanqi The research for spatial structure of Wuhan "8 +1" Metropolitan Complex land price based on the gravity model  Rachelle Alterman Can the unearned increment be reaped for public servicrs in China ZHU Kai An Analysis on the Basic Public Service Equalization with the View of Utility-oriented Urban and Rural Residents - the Case of Nanjing City A全球化视角下的城市和区域发展    
2 14:15-14:30 XU Xiaosong    Pu Lijie Urban-rural Spatial Optimization and Planning Control in the Region around Taihu Lake HE Zizhang   ZHAN Ting Dilemma and Countermeasure for the Policy of Transferring Assigned Land into Commercial Land Ying Zhang Public transportation in Beijing: can we do better than low price bus fare? WANG Ting Security for Supplier or Demander? The Path Choice of China’s Housing Security Policies under the Global Perspective B规划支持系统和分析工具的研究进展    
3 14:30-14:45 WANG Lan Building for What and Whom? Planned Sunurbanization in India and China HUANG Minghua   HUANG Ruqin Research in Behavior under the Influence of Location Theory of Urban Public Cultural and Sports Facilities’ Areas Sarbangholi Hassan Sattari Street optimized design for urban spaces LIU Chong        HAO Chibiao Citizen Participation in Urban Planning: The Experience from Shenyang and Qingdao
4 14:45-15:00 McCarthy Patrick Airport Costs, Capacity, and Metropolitan Economic Development HU Pan A research about the connotation and phenomenon of un-equallization of basic public service in metropolitan areas: a case study of Nanjing ZHUO Jian From individual mode of transportation to public transport : A diagnosis of bike rental services in Chinese cities
5 15:00-15:15 XUE Binxia     LI Hanzhe       ZHAO Zhiqing Research on Spatial Planning Strategy for the Margin Area of Chinese Winter Cities in Ecological Rehabilitation——Take Harbin as an Example LIU Weiwei Research on Value Capture Mechanism for MRT Development
Based on System Dynamics Model
Earl G.Bossard Back to the Future – Accessing Bicycles’ Role in Sustainable Urban Development in China – Possible Lessons from the USA WANG Lei          WANG Yali Urban land development patterns on both sides of ring E历史文化的保护    
6 15:15-15:30 TANG Yan The Evolution of Long and Medium-term Strategic Planning and Its Enlightenment to Beijing ZENG Jun GPS-based survey of the theme park design method Zhou Jiangping Congestion Pricing: Recent Peer-Reviewed Literature in Chinese and in English, Oversea Cases and Their Policy Implications for Chinese Cities HU Zhiliang       ZHANG Limei      GAO Xiangduo      LIU Wen Process Control on the Implement of the Housing Policy  F全球气候变化与生态城市规划    
    Session 1.2 Session 2.2 Session 3.2 Session 4.2        
  GUO Zhan/ TIAN Li   LI Yin/ SONG XiaoDong   ZHANG Junyi/ PAN HaiXiao   Daniel Abramson/ YANG GuiQing  
7 15:45-16:00 ZHANG Han Building an Entrepreneurial City in a Local Corporatist Framework
Governing the Laowaitan Redevelopment in Ningbo, China
ZHAO Honghong     YAN Jin          GU Xinchen Hedonic Model Based Research on the Housing Price around Jinji Lake in Suzhou  Shannon Bassett Transit and Landscape Infrastructure as a Catalyst for Urbanism and Community Development Daniel Abramson  Planning for Sustainable Post-Earthquake Recovery in Rural Sichuan: Challenges and Opportunities at the Community Level in Times of Recession
8 16:00-16:15 YUAN Yuan   WU Fulong Developing measurement of multiple deprivation at small area in China CHEN Zhao         SHEN Yibei Spatial Model of Medical facilities:a modification based on P-median model HUANG Zhengdong    DING Yin Public Transit Route Optimization Based on Bus Stop under the Multi-Mode Condition Shen Qingyun The Inequality of China’s Housing Provident Fund Policy and Its Solutions
9 16:15-16:30 Muller Connector Cities in China: Evolving roles and strategies Li Yin Cities in Space and Time: A Spatial-Temporal Visualization Model of Urban Environments  Wang Xiaoguang  How the built environment influences driving: insights from Global Positioning System data Wang Jun Affordable and livable housing in the era of urban regeneration - The role of the state in Singapore
10 16:30-16:45 ZHAO Wei The town system of Historic Chengdu Area:View from the point of Central Place Theory Ouyang Yiqiang A Review and Perspective on Parcel Data Models for Urban Planning XU Jian-gang A Study on the Spatial Simulation of City Slow-moving Traffic Network in the Perspective of Low Carbon Footprint: a Case Study in the Downtown Area of Nanjing, China Liu Cathy Yang  Immigrant Settlement and Employment Suburbanization in the U.S.: Is There a Spatial Mismatch?
11 16:45-17:00 YE Mei  The road of remote transition of Resource-exhausted city ——Wanshan Case Study in Guizhou
Ferreir Joseph Metropolitan Sustainability and the Need for Better Urban Information Systems Yang Jiawen Density and Polycentrality: Impacts of Large Scale Built-Environment on Transportation FENG Suwei An Empirical Study on House Preference of Low-Income People with Choice Experiment
12 17:00-17:15 Tisma Alexandra Effect of spatial planning policy on metropolitan landscape: the case of Randstad, Holland Sun Jian UAV-Based Dynamic Road traffic Congestion Evaluation Zhang Junyi HOUSEHOLD CHOICE BEHAVIOR SURVEY AND MODELING FOR URBAN AND TRANSPORTATION PLANNING MENG Yan Best Practice for Urban Regeneration
13 17:15-17:30 LIU Binyi        WANG Nan A Study on the Sustainable Construction of New Type of Human Settlements in Arid Area of West China with the Background of Global Climate Change LU Ximing Shanghai Transport After-EXPO
6/20 AM
Session 1.3 Session 2.3 Session 3.3 Session 4.3
WANG Rui/ WANG Lan ZHANG Ming/ ZHANG GuanZeng SHEN Qing/ ZHUO Jian Zhang Ming/ LI Jingsheng
1 8:00-8:15 Manns Jonathan Consultation in Practice: A Comparative Perspective between the UK and China   CHEN Xiaodong Pragmatism in Conservation and Utilization Strategy of Traditional Objects Scattered in the City Central Area:
Case Study of Singapore
Zhang Li-Ye Taxi Pick-up Way Capacity Study of Passenger Transportation Terminal based on Simulation Model QIAN Feng Energy-saving System Analysis about the Exterior Building Enclosures of Wenyuan Building
2 8:15-8:30 Hou Li Large vs. Small: An Alternative Review on China’s Urbanization Past and Future   ZHANG Min  Rethinking the Urban Historical and Cultural Conservation Under the Perspective of Authenticity in Tourism LIU Bing Comparative Study on the vitality of Pedestrian Streets----based on three typical cases of Wuhu City Mumford Karen Cheryl K. Contant Enhancing Park Use for Healthy Cities:  Understanding Predictors of Park Use 
3 8:30-8:45 Zhang Zhenlong How to manage China’s Urban Growth: some experiences from the US   WANG He       DONG Wei Manchuria Culture’s Influence on the Urban Morphology of Mukden in Qing Dynasty PAN Haixiao       LIU Chang       SHEN Qing Will spatial planning make TOD happen—the case study of new town development in Shanghai Jianqiang Cui, Andrew Allan and Michael AP Taylor A Sustainable Walking Environment in the Central Areas of Metropolises
4 8:45-9:00 FANG Chuanglin The Development Status and Prospects of Urban Agglomerations in China   LIU Benteng     DONG Wei From Linear to Reticular: a Study of Historical Conservation for Cities along the Grand Canal in Yangtze Delta ZHANG Hang       WAN Jun Research on the Development Mode of Ped and Bike system in Cities WANG Fang Study to water resources protection and utilization and land resources developed intensity in the lakeside of the cities around Taihu Lake
5 9:00-9:15 MA Ting          GU Chaolin Research on Method of Restricted-Construction Area Planning -- Chang-Zhu-Tan Urban Agglomeration Ecological Green Heart Area Spatial Development Strategic Planning as an Example   WANG Xuan Finding lost city attractiveness  GUO jie Low-carbon city in the context of "carpool" Study BI Linglan Low-carbon urban ecological landscape system pattern and structure  study
6 9:15-9:30 Song Ge A Profile of China’s Mega-regions – Analysis and Measurement of Characteristics and Spatial Patterns of China’s Mega-regions   JIANG Yan
PAN Haixiao       ZHAI Xin       SHEN Qing Mobility Governance around Metro Station in Shanghai Fringe Area ZHANG Puyu The Exploration of Sustainable Eco-city Construction in China on the background of Global Warming
7 9:30-9:45 CHEN Ye Islamic Wedding——The Impact of Islamic Financial Service to Hongkong BI Linglan       ZHONG Yi Pan-social values of City Historic District Preservation and Development Chen Xueming  A Comparative Analysis on the Megacity Transportation Planning Systems between New York and Shanghai  SUN Yu          LENG Hong Evaluation Study about Climatic Environment Comfort of  Commercial Pedestrian-streets in Winter Cities in Ecological Planning
8 9:45-10:00 Wang Lei City Boom in China: An Institutional Perspective YANG Bochao     LI Jingqi Urban planning in minority areas, the protection of historical and cultural——A Case Study of Enshi City receipts are forbidden Guan Hongzhi Experiments on drivers’ visual recognition to parking guidance and information signs Cai Xiaobing Design by Geography: Design for the Common Future
9 10:00-10:15 Westendorff David Better Cities, Better Life SUN Rui Historic Preservation in Beijing TANG Yang        PAN Haixiao      SHEN Qing Bike-Renting Systems in Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou and Their Impacts on Travel Behavior Wang Jinyan Urban energy consumption patterns and strategies based on urban block form: a case study of Jinan city
10:30-12:30         ROUND TABLE     ROUND TABLE      
6/20 PM
Session 1.4 Session 2.4 Session 3.4 Session 4.4
 WANG Lei/ HOU Li LI Jianling/ ZHANG Song QiShen Pan/ LIU Bing Cathy Liu/ TONG Ming
1 13:30-13:45 WAN Yanhua   TENG Miao Large-Scale Reconstruction of the Urban Village in the TFO View WANG Lijun Study on Typology Application of Historical Environment Protection and Regeneration
-- A Case on the Urban Design of the Guangfu ancient city protection and Surrounding Wetland Ecological restoration in Handan City
Guo Zhan Mind the Map! Impact of Transit Map on Travel Decisions in Public Transit Systems He Dongquan Creating Sustainable Urban Transportation System
2 13:45-14:00 XU Jianfeng Regional Development and Public Policy of “One Ring Two Wings” Strategy in Chongqing:Reviews and Prospects LIN Yue         LAI Yilin The Protection and Revitalization of Historic District------Case Study of Guangzhou West Relations Hong Jin Hyun How do built-environment factors affect travel behavior? A multilevel analysis of their effects at different geographic scales HUANG Congjian Exploring the eco-city planning approach under the energy effiency goals
3 14:00-14:15 HAN Qing Spatial Coupling of the Urban Master Planning and Main Function Area Planning PENG Hua         TENG Miao Research on Development Strategy of the Tourism Village Based on the Life Cycle Theory Li Jianling URBAN TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM IN CHINA:
Liu Weiyi A Study on Urban Climate Special planning Based on Local Climate Adaptation
4 14:15-14:30 Amy Leung PRC Urbanization Trends and Strategy Feng Lan Adaptive reuse of historic residential houses for commercial development: a case study of Xintiandi redevelopment project in Shanghai, China Lu Qing-Chang  Vulnerability Analysis of Transportation Networks as a Result of Climate Change  YANG Peifeng Research on Construction Pattern of Ecology-oriented Taiyuan Urban Green Space Systematic Planning
5 14:30-14:45 Sun Meng Producing cultural space for a better city life Hsu Yen-hsing Culture-Led Urban Regeneration and New Planning Paradigm : Taipei Urban Regeneration Contradiction and Prospect Wang Rui Shaping Carpool Policies under Rapid Motorization: the Case of China Shen Suwan Impact Analysis of Changing Riverine Flood Frequencies caused by Climate Change on Transportation Infrastructure and Land Use
  Session 1.5 Session 2.5 Session 3.5 Session 4.5
 WANG Lei/ HOU Li WANG Xinhao/ ZHANG Song SONG Shunfeng/ LIU Bing Perry Yang/ TONG Ming
6 15:00-15:15 Weisberg Barry From Better City to Harmonious City? Stokols Andrew Harmonious Tourism:  Analyzing the Potential for Local Ownership of Cultural Tourism and Heritage Preservation in Two Chinese Cities Pan Qisheng Modeling the effects of congestion pricing policy on regional highway networks Wang Xinhao A Prototype Scenario-Based Planning Support System (SB-PSS) to Model Water Consumption Spatial Distribution
7 15:15-15:30 Wang Yuming The System and Mechanism of the Metropolitan Regions in China YAO Dong Culture inheritage through residential planning in new countryside WANG Shijun Innovation of Urban Transport and Management of the Society Zhang Ming (world bank) Cities and Climate Change Actions in Brazil -- A Review of the Current Status
8 15:30-15:45 Wang Lin  The Evolution of Shanghai master plan and key actions of future development Zhang Lei The Role of Incremental Urban Regeneration on Community Governance: In the case of Nachizi Historic Conservative Area of Beijing  Salzberg Andrew Institutions for Metropolitan Transport Planning and Management: International Case Studies Yang Perry Pei-Ju From Ecology in Urbanism to Ecology of Urbanism
9 15:45-16:00 BREAK BREAK Lin Zhongjie Event Urbanism Expo ’70 As Precedent To Re-Examine Asian Techno-Utopian Planning Song Shunfeng Congestion Pricing: International Experiences and Implications for China Yang Xiaodi Urban Policy for Low Carbon Development: Case of Tokyo
10 16:00-16:15 ?/ ZHAO Min Song Shunfeng Paradoxes of Traffic Flow and Economics of Congestion Pricing Zhang Junyi An Improved Indicator System for Environmental Management: DPSIR+C
11 16:15-16:30 YANG Li Differences about the Works of__ Urban Planning of Chinese and Japanese Students Tsai Chia-Ju Impact of Railway Construction on Emergency Response Capability: A Case Study in Taipei Zhang Ming (Texas) Land Use Planning as a Tool to Reduce VMT and CO2 Emissions: Potential and Challenges
12 16:30-16:45 GUO Xiangming   WU Xiaojie Exploration in Urban Planning Teaching Model Based on the Learning Community Concept Haung Ya-Mei Evening Recreation in Mountain Area of Taipei City
17:00-18:00         CONCLUSION & AWARD     CONCLUSION & AWARD