Weiping Wu – IACP Faculty Highlights

Weiping Wu (吴维平) is a professor and Chair of the Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning, Tufts University. She also is a senior fellow in the Council for Emerging Market Enterprises at the Fletcher … Read more »

Yumin Ye-IACP Faculty Highlights


Ye Yumin (叶裕民), Ph.D. in Economics, was the Chair of the Department of Urban Planning and Management, Renmin University. She serves as the Deputy Secretary General on the Academic Committee at Renmin University as well as … Read more »

Qisheng Pan – IACP Faculty Highlights

  Qisheng Pan is a Professor and Chair in the Department of Urban Planning and Environmental Policy (UPEP) at Texas Southern University.  Dr. Pan received a Ph.D. in Urban Planning and a Master’s degree in Computer Science, … Read more »

Message from IACP BOD Chair Dr. Jason Cao in 2017

Dear IACP members and friends, On behalf of the 2015-2017 IACP board of directors, I am reporting to you what we have accomplished since April 2016 and what we plan to do in the near future. … Read more »

Zhang Tingwei-IACP Faculty Highlights


张庭伟, 1968年毕业于同济大学建筑系,其后在延安建筑设计院任建筑师。1978年回到同济攻读城市规划硕士研究生(导师金经昌、董鉴泓、陶松龄),1981年毕业后留校任教。1985年被中国建设部推荐到联合国高级规划师进修班,先后在亚洲理工学院(AIT)及比利时鲁汶大学 (Catholic University Leuven) 学习,当年成为同济大学首位城市规划博士生(导师李德华)。1986年,同济大学成立中国第一个城市规划系,他担任副系主任。1988年考入美国北卡罗莱纳大学(UNC)城市规划博士生(导师Edward Kaiser)。1989年张庭伟获得中国国家教育委员会“1978-1988年中国高校优秀中青年学者”称号;同年以代理教授(adjunct professor)身份转入伊Read more »

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