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Shifu, WANG  is a Professor and Chair of Urban Planning Department at South China University of Technology.

Research and Teaching Areas

His research and teaching areas include urbanization study and urban design, mainly focus on the theory and method of planning practice. As a chief expert, he is in charge of a number of research projects including Major Program of National Social Science Foundation of China (NSSFC) and Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC). He authored the book: Implementation Oriented Urban Design (2005).
Professor Wang is a director of the China Urban Planning Society, serving as Deputy Secretary of the Academic Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Urban Design Committee. He takes charge of the Journal of South Architecture as Deputy Editor, also as a member of the Editorial Board of the peer review journal of Urban Planning Forum and Planners.
Shifu works as a National Registered Planner on projects including different scale of strategic or physical planning. He also serves as the planning committee member of the municipalities of Guangzhou, Foshan, Fuzhou and Shunde.
Shifu is a member of National Steering Council of Planning Education in China, and also a member of National Assessment Council of Planning Education. He was a Fulbright visiting scholar (2015-2016) at MIT, also at KU LEUVEN in 2014.
He holds a M. Arch. and a Ph.D. in urban planning and design from Tongji University.

Areas of Interest

Chinese Urbanization, Strategic Planning, Smart City, Urban Morphology, Urban Design and Development control.


Professor Wang served as co-chair of the annual conference of the IACP 2014 at South China University of Technology, and a speaker of IACP annual conference 2015 at Chongqing University.

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