IACP Meeting at 57th ACSP Conference in Denver, Colorado

The IACP annual meeting was held at the ACSP conference in Denver, Colorado on Friday 10/13/2017. Prof. Jason Cao (IACP President 2015-2017) stated the mission of IACP, introduced previous IACP presidents, and thanked the 2015-17 board members for their great contribution. Prof. Cao then talked about numerous and fruitful activities and conferences that IACP convened during the past year, including the annual IACP in Harbin China, The 5th Dean’s Forum, International Workshop on Resilient Cities and Sustainable Planning, and IACP Yuelu Forum. With rapidly growing participants, IACP conference has become one of the most influential international conferences on planning in China. IACP has also been dedicated to helping oversea Chinese students and scholars by holding workshops, delivering lectures, and organizing panel discussions on topics including writing peer reviewed papers, funding application, and specific research topics. IACP has also been working tirelessly to promote planning research in China by organizing many special issues in internationally recognized journals, including Travel Behavior and Society, Transport Policy, Transportation Research Part D, Transportation Letters, the Journal of Urban Affairs, Transportation, the Journal of Transport and Land Use, the Journal of Planning History, Natural Hazards, and the Journal of Landscape and Urban Planning. These special issues have attracted broad interests from Chinese planning scholars and their counterparts in other countries, providing an opportunity for Chinese scholars to stand out on the international stage.

IACP is now managing a Wechat public account, and several WeChat groups to provide effective communication platforms for the IACP community and for all oversea planning scholars and students. Prof. Rui Wang (IACP Treasurer) delivered the financial report of IACP for 2016-2017 and showed that IACP is in good standing financially with steady membership growth. Prof. Cao then introduced the 2017-19 IACP President – Prof. Yan Song, who served as IACP’s vice president in the past two years. Song is a professor in city and regional planning at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) and she is also the director of the Program on Chinese Cities at UNC. Then Prof. Song introduced the 2017-2019 IACP board and the organizational structure of IACP. The meeting ended with Prof. Cao announcing the 12th IACP Annual Conference that will be held in Xi’an China in June, 2018. There will be workshops before and after the conference. As a reminder, to enjoy the membership benefits, IACP members must renew their membership before February 1, 2018.


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