Yunying Ren – IACP Faculty Highlights

任云英 (Yunying Ren)


Dr. Yunying Ren is a professor of Urban Planning in the Department of Urban and Rural Planning,College of Architecture at Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology.


Professor Ren graduated from Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology with a bachelor’s degree in urban planning in 1990. She got the master’s degree in urban planning and design from Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology in 1998 and PhD in historical urban geography from Xi’an Normal University in 2005. Please see her webpage for more information.

研究方向与社会贡献 (Research direction and social contribution)


Professor Ren’s research interests are the urban and rural planning history and the cultural heritage protection, the space planning and the sustainable development issues and the urban morphology research in the Chinese urbanization process. Professor Ren is currently the director of the Department of Urban and Rural planning, College of Architecture, Xi’an University of Architecture and technology. She is the executive director of the Chinese Ancient Capital Society, also she is the member of the Academic Committee of Urban Planning History and Theory of China Urban Planning Society. Please see this webpage for more information about Professor Ren’s research.

与IACP (The relationship with IACP)


Professor Ren is an active supporter and participant of IACP, and is actively preparing for the 12th annual IACP Conference and Dean’s Forum to be held in Xi’an in 2018.

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