2019 Conference Registration is Now Open

Join us in Chengdu on June 15- June 16, 2019 for the 13th IACP Annual Conference

Conference Theme: “Sharing Cities: Challenges and Responses to New Urban Planning”

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How to Register

IACP Conference Registration website is open now. The deadline of advanced registration is May 1, 2019. The deadline to register for conference presentation is June 1, 2019.

Please contact IACP at iacpconference2019@hotmail.com regarding general issues on conference registration.

Please contact Southwest Jiaotong University at swjtu_iacp2019@163.com regarding issues on conference fee payment and invoices for conference participants from mainland China.

The working language for the IACP conference is English.


  1. Conference Program (subject to change)
  2. Schedule at a glance (draft, subject to change)
  3. IACP does not consider scheduling requests. Once the conference program is created, presenters who cannot present during their scheduled time must withdraw from the program. We strongly recommend presenters make travel reservations that allow the presentation in any of the six parallel sessions (Please see Schedule at a glance).
  4. The conference venue will be located at Southwest Jiaotong University (Xipu Campus). The address is No. 999, Xi’an Road, Xipu Town, Pidu District, Chengdu. Conference participants are advised to book their own hotels and transportation in advance and attend the whole conference. See Information for Transportation and Hotel.
  5. Applications for the following five awards are open: 2019 IACP Karen R. Polenske Best Student Paper Award2019 ACSP/IACP Karen R. Polenske Best Student Paper Award; 2019 IACP Best Student Paper Award2019 IACP Travel Award2019 IACP Distinguished Service Award; 2019 IACP Rising Scholar Award.

Keynotes and International Experts

International Keynote Speakers
Roberto Quercia The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Piper Gaubatz University of Massachusetts
Robin Hickman University College London

International Experts
Allie Thomas The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Rachelle Alterman Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
Robert Liberty Portland State University

Conference Organizing Committee

IACP Conference Committee
Lingqian Hu, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Vice Chairs/副主席:
Hongwei Dong, California State University, Fresno
Yiping Fang, Portland State University
Xiaoguang Wang, Central Michigan University
Junfeng Jiao, The University of Texas at Austin

Local Host, Southwest Jiaotong University
Faming Yao, vice president of Southwest Jiaotong University
姚发明 西南交通大学副校长

Vice Chairs/副主席:
Zhongwei Shen, secretary of the party committee, School of Architecture & Design
沈中伟 西南交通大学建筑与设计学院党委书记
Qing Shen, Professor of Washington University, Overseas president of School of Architecture & Design
沈青 华盛顿大学教授,西南交通大学建筑与设计学院海外院长

Executive Chair/执行主席:
Xu Cui, vice dean of School of Architecture & Design
崔叙 建筑与设计学院副院长
Yang Yu, deputy chair of Department of Urban Planning
于洋 建筑与设计学院城乡规划系副主任
Linglan Bi, deputy chair of Department of Urban Planning
毕凌岚 建筑与设计学院城乡规划系副主任

Conference Registration Policy

Registration Fees

The schedule of fees is listed below. In order to claim membership benefits for the conference this year, the membership fee must be paid before February 1 of this year. Please visit our membership status query website to check your membership status.

The key benefits include discounted registration fees and eligibility for IACP’s student awards and travel grants.

Before May 1, 2019 After May 1, 2019
Non-member, non-student 250 USD 350 USD
Non-member, student 50 USD 100 USD
Member*2, non-student Waived 100 USD
Member*2, student Waived 50 USD
Non-member, non-student 1,500 RMB 1,800 RMB
Non-member, student 500 RMB 800 RMB
Member*2, non-student 1,200 RMB 1,500 RMB
Member*2, student 400 RMB 700 RMB

*1 Oversea includes those attendees who work/study outside of mainland China. This includes attendees who work/study in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao.
*2 Member refers to the one who has membership paid by February 1 of this year. Please check the membership information and payment methods at the IACP membership status query website.

* The Conference will NOT schedule presentation for participants who register after June 1, 2019.
Reimbursements of conference registration fee: Prior to May 15 of this year, full reimbursements will be granted, less a 20% administrative fee. No reimbursements will be granted after May 15.

Payment Methods for Participants from Overseas, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau

There are two ways for you to pay the fees. You may choose either one.

  1. Pay via PayPal during the registration process. If you pay with non-US dollars, use the market exchange rate for conversion.
  2. You write a personal check made payable to ‘INT ASSOCIATION FOR CHINA PLANNING.’
    Mail the check to the following address:

IACP c/o Prof. Rui Wang
Office 426
1619 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20036

Prof. Rui Wang will then deposit the checks for you.

Payment Methods for Participants from Mainland China

请注意,国内参会者缴纳年会注册费请通过微信扫码支付 (微信支付信息在注册会议时可见)
扫码支付后,请将付款成功截图与填写好的《13th IACP 发票信息登记表》一同发至邮箱swjtu_iacp2019@163.com



Past conference archives can be found here.