Prof. Wenwen Cheng – IACP Faculty Highlights

程温温 (Wenwen Cheng, Ph.D.)


Division of Landscape Architecture, College of Architecture, the University of Oklahoma


Wenwen Cheng is an assistant professor of Landscape Architecture in the College of Architecture at the University of Oklahoma. She earned her Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Science from the department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning at Texas A&M University (TAMU). She taught courses such as Digital Communication, Landscape Design Studio, and Landscape Construction during her Ph.D, and worked as the coordinator of Microclimatic Landscape Design Lab at TAMU since 2016.

程温温的研究方向包括多尺度城市景观生态与城市热舒适的关系,跨越景观生态和公共健康领域,包括:1)人体尺度:模拟及验证人体能量平衡模型和人体紫外线吸收模型;2)场地尺度:儿童游乐场地景观设计与儿童热舒适;3)社区尺度:社区热景观与弱势群体居民热舒适;4)城市/区域尺度:生态景观与城市热岛效应。她运用多学科领域多空间尺度的研究方法来实现研究课题,如遥感科学,空间模拟,实地测量,人体模型等。程温温最近的文章发表于International Journal of Biometeorology,开发了第一个儿童能量平衡的热舒适模型。其他文章发表于 International journal of environmental research and public health, 风景园林等。

Wenwen Cheng’s research area focuses on the relationship between urban landscape ecology and urban thermal comfort in multi-scales, covers areas of landscape ecology and public health. Her research topics include: 1)human scale: modification and validation of human thermal indices and human UVR exposure models; 2)site scale: children playground design and children’s outdoor thermal comfort; 3) neighborhood scale: neighborhood landscape design and heat vulnerable residents’ thermal comfort; 4) city/regional scale: urban heat island and landscape ecology. She uses interdisciplinary and multi-scale’s technologies such as remote sensing, special heat modelling, field measurement and human energy budget model. Her most recent publication developed the first children’s energy budget model publishing in the International Journal of Biometeorology. Her other papers published on International journal of environmental research and public health and landscape architecture.