Webmaster blog

IACP Webmaster and his team

IACP working group on website design (hereinafter referred to as the Working group) is a ad-hoc working group under the supervision and support of Communication committee of IACP Board of Directors (hereinafter referred to as the Board). The working group consists of several passionate volunteering members and a IACP Board member:

  • James (Jianzheng) Liu, Webmaster, IACP Student Board Member and Chair of IACP Communication Committee, Post-doctoral Fellow at The University of Hong Kong;
  • Farran Fangru Wang, PHP developer, PhD candidate at Georgia Institute of Technology;
  • Chloe Chang Liu, Graphic designer, PhD candidate at The University of Hong Kong;
  • Jessie Jie Li, Content editor, Postdoctoral research associate at King’s College London;
  • Xiongbin Lin, Content editor, PhD candidate at Peking University.


Shortly after 2015 IACP BOD election, the newly elected IACP Board of Directors (2015-2017) decided to begin a new major effort to renovate IACP official website, making the website more attractive, user-friendly and interactive.

This web blog serves as an archive of website redesign and renovation efforts and activities