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Wu, Siegfried ZhiQiang

Dean of the College of Architecture and Urban Planning
Tongji University, China


WU, Siegfried Zhiqiang, Dean of the College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University, and Chief Planner of World Expo 2010 Shanghai China. He received his Dr.-Ing degree in 1996 from Technical University of Berlin, Germany. He is an active scholar, planner and dedicated educator in the field of architecture and urban planning.

The “three harmonies” he put forward for the core program of the Declaration of Urban Planners in the 21st Century in 1997, namely harmony between human-being and nature, between human-being and society, and between history and future, has a profound influence. As the Chief Planner of the Shanghai Expo, he proposed the ‘H-city’ (Harmony City) scheme as guidelines for the planning and design at all levels to illustrate the Expo’s “Better City, Better Life” theme. As a critical aspect of this scheme, Prof. WU conceived an “Eco+” concept, which highlights both passive strategies for conservation and active moves for positive impact on the environment; and is currently leading a research team on the “Eco-Expo Planning and Design”. This will be a revolutionary remold of city development.

Prof. WU delivered the report “Ecological urban development in Asia-Pacific” on the “Informal Regional Consultation on Urban Environment Management - Eco house/cities” Conference held by UNEP in 2004, and was the major contributor to the establishment of the eco-environment network of Asia-Pacific. He is working hard to promote green building and sustainable construction in China, and eco-renovation of historical buildings. In 2007, he was appointed as the vice president of Chinese Green Building Society and vice editor of ‘China Green Building White Paper’.

Prof. WU also serves as Co-Chair of International Steering Committee of World Planning Schools Congress (WPSC), Permanent member of UNESCO-UIA World Architectural Education Council, the President of Asia Planning schools Association (APSA) from 2003-2007, Secretary General of Regional Jury Asia Pacific of Holcim Competition for sustainable construction, Member of Standing Council at International Metropolis Foundation, Director of Planning Education Steering Council of China, Vice President of Urban Planning Society of China.



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