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You can check your membership status first.
Please provide your information and save or scan the application form. Email it to

Application Form  (Download: PDF file )


Membership Dues

Student Member: US$10.00
2 year 10% discount: $18.00
3 years: 15% discount: $25.50

Regular Member: US$25.00
5 year 10% discount: $112.50;
10 years: 15% discount: $212.50

Corporate Member: US$500.00


Payment Methods

There are two ways for you to pay your dues. You may choose either one.

1. You write a personal check made payable to 'INT ASSOCIATION FOR CHINA PLANNING.'
Mail the check to the following address:

IACP c/o Dr. Rui Wang
UCLA Luskin School, Box 951656, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1656

Dr. Rui Wang will then deposit the checks for you.

2. Pay via Paypal


  • If you pay with non-US dollars, use the market exchange rate for conversion.

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