10 Facts about Beijing You May Not Know

Beijing is one of the busiest cities in China, second only to Shanghai. It has many famous landmarks, such as the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. Therefore, tourists visit this place a lot.

The following facts about Beijing will help you understand more about this ancient city.

Here are the most interesting facts that you probably didn’t know. They will give you a good amount of knowledge to visit this city in the future.

1. Beijing is among the world’s oldest cities

The Great Wall of China in Beijing

Beijing is one of the earliest famous historical and cultural cities. With a history of more than 3000 years, this place proudly witnessed the rise and fall of feudal dynasties.

Therefore, Beijing is the convergence of all the quintessence and creativity of Chinese wisdom over thousands of years with many famous historic sites in the world. In particular, it has the Forbidden City and Great Wall.

Visitors coming here are not only overwhelmed by the majesty and magnificence of the palace but also attracted by the legends of the royal family in the past.

2. Beijing has been the capital six times

In 1045 BC, the Beijing area became the capital of the Yan state during the Western Zhou dynasty, ushering in Beijing’s history as a city.

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In AD 1153, the Kim dynasty established Zhongdu as its capital, and since then, Beijing has become the national capital – the political center.

Later, the Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties established their capitals in Beijing. In 1949, this city became the capital of the People’s Republic of China.

3. Beijing is China’s cultural center

Beijing city

It is China’s second-largest city after Shanghai in terms of urban population and is China’s political, cultural, and educational center.

Beijing is home to the headquarters of most of China’s largest state-owned companies and is a transportation hub for China’s national highway, railway, and high-speed rail systems.

Beijing is an ancient capital, but all the ancient capitals, including Xi’an, Nanjing, and other cities. They both have strong historical and cultural sites, which determine that the cultural heritage of these cities must be relatively stronger.

4. The ideal seasons to visit Beijing are summer and fall

Summer in Beijing lasts from about June to August. In these months, the temperature is usually quite hot with an average of about 26 degrees Celsius.

Also, there is a lot of rain in July and August. In return, visitors will have the opportunity to participate in many traditional festivals during this time.

Said to be the most pleasant time of the year with clear blue skies, fresh air, and cool temperatures, it’s perfect for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

Between September and November, there are also many cultural and political activities in Beijing that visitors can participate in.

5. Air quality is improving in Beijing

According to CNN (USA), once one of the most polluted cities in the world, always engulfed in dense smog and cloudy atmosphere, Beijing residents now enjoy the fresh air with blue skies.

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That is a sign that the Chinese capital is entering a new era of clean air. Beijing’s change in air quality shows that the country’s anti-pollution campaign has made remarkable progress since 2013.

6. Beijing is one of four cities directly under the Central Government

Houhai lake

China currently has four cities directly under the Central Government: Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, and Chongqing.

The municipality directly under the Central Government is one of the administrative units of China. Its administrative status is the same as that of a province, autonomous region, or special administrative region.

It is a provincial administrative region of the People’s Republic of China and an organic city directly under the central government.

7. Beijing is home to China’s first KFC

On November 12, 1987, KFC’s first restaurant in China opened in Qianmen, Beijing. This catering model has seen the reform and opening up of this city.

Because many people were waiting to eat, KFC had to resort to the police force to maintain order. People lined up at the door round and round and waited almost an hour to buy an original piece of chicken, but they were all delighted.

8. Beijing’s name has changed more than 15 times

Beijing has a history of more than 3,000 years as a city and over 859 years as a capital. Its name includes Jicheng, Yandu, Yanjing, Zhuojun, Youzhou, Nanjing, Zhongdu, Dadu, Jingshi, Shuntianfu, Beiping, and Beijing.

River in Beijing

9. There are 6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

With a long and rich history, Beijing Beijing has many famous historical, cultural, and scenic sites with 42 national-level monuments and 6 UNESCO world cultural heritages: The Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven, the Peking Man ruins in Fangshan, and the Thirteen Tombs.

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10. Beijing is the gateway city to China

Beijing is the number 1 gateway city in China. From Beijing, it is easy to travel by plane or direct high-speed train to most major Chinese destinations.


What’s Beijing famous for?

Beijing has famous landmarks around the world. These landmarks are associated with the history and magnificence of feudal China. When coming here, tourists cannot help but admire the majesty of the walls and palaces.

How old is Beijing?

As of now, Beijing city is 3000 years old. It has undergone many changes in China’s history and is part of the country.

Do they speak English in Beijing?

Usually, people in Beijing don’t speak English. They always use their mother tongue to communicate. When talking to tourists, they can use simple phrases to convey information.


Here are the 10 facts about the capital of China that you should know. If you come to Beijing, this knowledge will be of great help to you.

What other facts about Beijing do you know? Let us know by commenting! If you want to learn more about China, check our website regularly!