10 Places to Visit in China: Best Travel Destinations

As a power that is becoming increasingly developed, China is known for its modern equipment and strong economy and is famous for its excellent tourist destinations.

If you’re looking to travel to China, you must recognize the 10 scenic spots below. All are places to visit once in a lifetime to admire the magnificence of this country.

1. Beijing


Beijing is the capital of China – a famous tourist destination attracting thousands of tourists from around the world.

This place converges the features of ancient Chinese culture. Coming to Beijing, you will recognize the Great Wall or the Forbidden Purple City.

Its old and traditional architecture is a must-visit for those with a particular interest and interest in history.

Not only that, but you can also go into the old alleys by cycling around to experience the traditional culture of the people of Beijing.

2. Xi’an


In addition to the Forbidden City symbolizing historical relics, Xi’an is also an ideal destination that you can consider.

This attraction is the most significant archaeological site in the world, with more than 6000 warriors. Ground horses of different sizes and soldiers were buried. So, this is a better choice if you’re a lover of new things or looking for war relics.

3. Chengdu


Chengdu is home to the largest concentration of giant pandas in China. When visiting Chengdu, you will experience the feeling of being lost in the green forest with fresh air.

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Although you can see pandas easily at the zoo, only in Chengdu are such giant pandas in the world. If you love animals and the fresh air here, you can volunteer to care for bears on many occasions.

In addition, Chengdu is also a famous destination for Buddhist followers. You can visit Leshan Great Buddha on tour and experience the spicy Sichuan dishes. You also have the opportunity to discover the mysterious Sanxingdui civilization.

4. Shanghai


Suppose the above places help you know about the ancient architecture of the imperial court. Then in Shanghai, you will have the opportunity to enjoy ancient culture, gardens, and river towns firsthand from Shanghai.

The landscape here is tranquil. It is said to be the oldest place in modern, prosperous China.

5. Guilin


China is home to too many tourist attractions you need to visit. If you are tired of urban life, you can see a country-oriented place like Guilin. The air and scenery here give you an incredible, unpolluted feeling.

With this location, you can choose from a sightseeing cruise on the Li River, drive an ATV along the roads between Yangshuo rice fields and kayak.

You could also climb cliffs in Yulong Living Ecological Park or explore Longji rice terraces. All of the above places bring great experiences for your journey. So, you should visit all the sites I just listed.

6. Zhangjiajie


Zhangjiajie became increasingly famous and attracted many tourists through the movie Avatar. The craggy peaks, limestone caves, and clear streams are the perfect destination for those who love adventure.

Bungee jumping on Zhangjiajie glass bridge, cycling in the Tianmenshan tourist area, and Ferrata at Hong Yanling will give you a refreshing feeling.

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Keeping the majestic mountains and enjoying the beauty of nature is a way to help you deal with stress after stressful work during this trip.

7. Tibet


Tibet is a sacred place for Buddhists. You will experience Tibetan culture when you come here by participating in activities such as camping in the grasslands, pilgrimage at Mount Kailash, exploring the Potala palace, and admiring Yamdrok and Namtso lakes.

8. Huangshan


The Huangshan mountain range attracts tourists with its clouds, mountains, exotic pine trees, and hot springs at the foot of the hill. The best time to visit this place falls in the spring when the rapeseed flowers bloom.

Here, it would help if you went hiking at dawn or dusk to see the fantastic scenery of Huangshan Mountain. Besides sightseeing, you should also live with the people here to know more about their unique customs.

9. Dunhuang


Mogao Cave is famous for its more than 2000 color paintings carved 1500 years ago in an elegant Buddhist style.

It adorns the wild beauty of the surrounding deserts. You can enjoy mountain camel rides, sunsets, and night breezes blowing through the rocks at Yardang National Geopark.

10. Yunnan


Not unique to the modern mountain or river scenes, Yunnan is home to the most colorful attractions in China.

Due to the snow-capped mountains and tropical rainforest, the climate is pleasant to attract large numbers of tourists year-round.

You can enjoy the whole day, visiting the ancient Naxi architecture in Lijiang old town, cycling around Erhai lake, and walking into Tiger Leaping alley. Every place in Yunnan is worth stopping for a few moments.

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What is China’s most visited place?

Beijing is always a destination for a large number of tourists every year.

This place is not only the China center but focuses on modern equipment, a developed economy, and many investments.

It also has attractions imbued with the long-standing traditional culture of the Chinese people in general and Beijing people in particular.

What are the best places to visit in China in January?

January is the coldest time of the year in China. Therefore, this season’s tourism often focuses on ice and snow destinations.

You can go to Beijing, Sanya, and Yunnan to enjoy the winter vacation and watch the snowfall in these places.

What are the places to visit in China near Hong Kong?

Shenzhen is a small border city near Hong Kong that you can visit if you want to walk along the coast to watch the sunset.


With these suggestions above, you have already planned where you need to go on this trip.

I hope you have enough time to visit all the above places because each brings a different feeling and experience. From there, you will have more new knowledge.

Thank you for reading!