Exploring Differences in Bone China and Fine China

Bone china as well as fine china are two popular ceramic types that appeared centuries ago. Despite their old origin, many people still cannot tell the difference between bone and fine china.

So, how are these two ceramic materials different? I will discuss their features, such as texture, weight, durability, and price, to give you a clearer insight.

Based on this comparison, you can decide which ceramic material is more suitable for your needs and application. Now, let’s dwell straight into the post.

What is Bone China?

As we know, bone china is known as a ceramic type made of kaolin, feldspathic material, and bone ash, plus some added chemicals. bone china is commonly known as “ a ware with a translucent body.”

The reason behind this name lies in its components. They comprise phosphate taken from animal bone (at least 30%) and calcium phosphate (calculated).

Bone china is among the strongest types of china ceramics or porcelain. Also, its mechanical strength is impressive, and it has a chip resistance capacity.

This material also meets the aesthetic criteria with its beautiful white color and high transparency. China is the leading manufacturer of this ceramic material.

A look at Bone China

What is Fine China?

The first time fine china made its debut was BC 11 (Christ). The production of fine china involves common materials like feldspar, quartz, kaolin, and clays.

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The origin of its name, fine china, comes from the very country it comes from. The first China dynasty that produced this ceramic type was Tang, dating back to between 618 and 907.

The development of fine china marked the golden age of beautiful art and culture. During this time, fine china and similar ceramic works became very popular with their excellent beauty and durability.

Regarding appearance, fine china possesses a very beautiful white appearance and a smooth, lustrous texture.

A Fine China product

Difference Between Bone China and Fine China

How are fine china and bone china really different? Can you tell the difference between them at first glance? I will solve your question with the in-depth comparisons provided in this session.

1. Comparison Table

Before dwelling on the details, let’s check out this comparison table. It will help you grab the core differences between those two ceramic types.


Bone China

Fine China


Thinner and smoother

Thicker and more lustrous


Warm, more natural, and translucent

Brighter and more classy


Slightly heavier



Heavy and thick (ding)

A ringing bell (dang)


More durable

More fragile

Bone Ash Content




kaolin, bone ash, and feldspathic material

feldspar, quartz, clays, and kaolin




2. Texture And Shape

The most apparent difference between fine china and bone china lies in their shape and texture. At first glance, you can notice that bone china features a much thinner texture than fine china.

In addition, you can put your finger on the two materials. Bone china will feel much smoother on your fingertip, while fine china gives a lustrous surface.

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3. Look

I have looked closely at both bone china as well as fine china products and spotted some differences in their aesthetic. For example, bone china possesses a natural translucent look with very eye-catching warm tones.

Meanwhile, fine china products come with a brighter color. Yet, illumination will allow more light to pass through bone china and make it more transparent.

Bone China Has A Warmer Look

4. Weight

Comparing the weights of bone china as well as fine china is quite subjective. It depends on the type of product and the manufacturers of the item, making the weights of these two materials vary.

However, due to the different materials used, most fine china products are slightly heavier than their counterparts.

5. Sound

Fine china and bone china sound different when you try hitting their surface with an object. For example, you can combine two pieces of bone china to check out the sounds they generate.

The sound produced by fine china is pretty heavy and thick, which sounds similar to a “ding” without an echo. Meanwhile, bone china sounds like a ringing bell “clang” with a hearable echo effect.

6. Durability

Bone china is the winner when it comes to durability. Unlike its more fragile counterpart, bone china features a more durable structure. However, this material is often less classy than fine china.

7. Bone Ash Content

The bone ash content found in bone china is usually higher than its counterpart. Meanwhile, the proportion of bone ash content found in fine china is significantly lower.

8. Making Process

The production of bone china involves mixing ceramic ingredients. In this production, the components used for making bone china will blend with cow Bone ash.

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The making of fine china features the same process, except for its different ceramic materials. For instance, a mix of fine china materials includes feldspar, quartz, clays, and kaolin.

9. Price

You can try looking for bone china as well as fine china products from the same manufacturers to compare their prices. Usually, bone china items feature a higher price range than fine china.

10. Popularity

Both ceramic types are prevalent around the world with their beautiful appearances and durability. However, the majority still favor bone china for everyday use.

This material possesses higher durability, making it ideal for ordinary usage (tableware items). Therefore, bone china is more prevalent than its counterpart.

Bone China Is More Popular

Final Verdict

Bone and fine china are both high-quality ceramic types. They possess distinct textures, colors, shapes, and durability that you’d consider carefully.

I suggest choosing bone china when it comes to tableware products. Its solid and durable texture makes this material perfect for everyday use. Plus, bone china can withstand pressure and stains for a very long time.

Meanwhile, fine china is a little more classy with a brighter and eye-catching texture. Therefore, you can prioritize it when buying items for special occasions.