Is Bone China Microwave Safe? The Answer You Need!

Ceramic types like bone china are fragile and susceptible to high-temperature changes.

If you have never microwaved bone china before, this post is a must-read. It will help you avoid unwanted damage when microwaving bone china.

Plus, you will discover many helpful tips. Now let’s dwell on the main question!

Is Bone China Microwave Safe?

The correct answer is yes. Most bone china products will catch fire when the temperature reaches 2372°F. As this temperature is much higher than the microwave, your bone china item is microwave safe.

Yet, it doesn’t mean that you can heat all bone china products in the microwave. Note that there are still cases when a bone china item can catch fire.

Most Bone China Products Are Microwave-friendly

Why Is Bone China Safe For Microwaving?

According to the manufacturers, the highest-graded ceramics of bone china are microwave-friendly. These materials are strong and durable. Plus, they don’t contain any metallic components.

The main components of bone china are porcelain and bone ash. These components don’t absorb microwaves and heat up inside the machine. Thus, most bone china products and dishware are microwave-friendly.

How To Tell If Bone China Is Microwave Safe?

The simplest solution is to check the hallmark of your bone china product. Most hallmarks nestle on the bottom or the back of the China Bone dishware. After spotting it, check the label to know if the dish is microwave safe or not.

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For example, microwave-safe bone china dishware has a “microwave-friendly” label. Meanwhile, the “not for microwave” label tells the contrary.

Things get more complicated if there is no marking, especially on old products. In this case, you can fill a microwave-safe container with water (¾).

Then, microwave your bone china product and the container simultaneously. After one minute, take out the two items.

Now, your bone china dish is not microwave safe if it is warm and the water remains cold. If the dish’ temperature doesn’t change while the water gets hotter, it’s safe.

You Can Check The Product’s Label

When Is Bone China Not Microwave Safe?

As mentioned above, you should never microwave a bone china item against the manufacturer’s warning. If your dish comes with the label “not microwave safe, “don’t ever microwave it.

If the product doesn’t pass the water test, it’s not microwave-friendly either. Also, avoid microwaving any bone china product with a metal part. For example, some dishes may come with trimmings or handles made of gold or silver.

In these cases, they are not microwave-friendly. It’s because the radiation in the microwave can ignite the metal part via an electric spark.

Safety Tips To Microwave Bone China

It would be best if you followed the right method when microwaving a bone china product. It’s because sudden temperature changes or extended microwaving time can damage your product.

Here are some tips you should follow when microwaving bone china

  • Ensure to defrost frozen food if you want to heat it up in a bone china container.
  • Never put a cold or frozen bone china item inside the microwave. It can lead to sudden temperature changes and damage the item’s structure.
  • Cover the item with a microwave-friendly lid to avoid splattering or burning your food.
  • The ideal position to place the item is in the center of the microwave’s turntable.
  • Use oven mitts or gloves to remove bone china products from the microwave.
  • Allow at least one minute after turning off the machine. It will cool down the machine and avoid sudden temperature changes.
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Set The Temperature Right

The Safest Time To Microwave Bone China

The ideal temperature for microwaving bone china should range around 107°C (or 225°F). The perfect time is between 2 to 6 minutes, depending on how hot you want the food to get.

If you want to bake, allow at least 10 minutes inside the machine. Add a few more minutes to get a crispy and well-done baking texture.

Best Brands Manufacturing Microwave-safe Bone China

You should prioritize bone china products like casseroles, soup bowls, dishwares, or bakers. Some popular brands that produce these products with high quality are as below.

  • CAC China
  • Lenox
  • Wedgwood
  • LaOpala
  • Euro Ceramica
  • Royal Doulton

Most of the products from these brands come with “microwave-friendly” labels. Yet, you should check their labels carefully and follow the instructions.

Also, ensure that the product doesn’t consist of any metallic components. For instance, a gold handle or pattern can generate an electric spark via microwave radiation.

As a result, the coating will fade away and lose its initial brightness. In extreme cases, an electric spark can destroy your bone china item and the microwave.

How To Clean Your Bone China Items?

It’s so annoying when stains from drinks or dirt appear on your bone china product. The good news is that you can remove these stains using baby sterilizing substances.

To clean your bone china, wash and dry the item first. Then, apply the solution on its surface and clean the item thoroughly.

However, don’t rub or clean the item too hard to avoid scratching its texture. Plus, the solution is soapy, and you may drop the item. Just gently scrubbing the dishware is sufficient.

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Remember To Clean The Cup Regularly

Final Thoughts

In summary, it is okay to microwave bone china products if they come with a “microwave-friendly” label. Also, ensure that you follow the instructions to avoid damaging your devices.

If you cannot find the label, try the water test to examine your product. Lastly, don’t put bone china items with metal parts inside the microwave to avoid electricity sparks.

I hope the provided answer can help you microwave your ceramic works and utensils safely with a lot of helpful information. Thank you for your time!