Where To Put a Laughing Buddha Statue in the House?

Laughing Buddha is a happiness, contentment, and prosperity symbol. According to legend, placing the Laughing Buddha in the house will bring positive energy to the whole space, good luck, and happiness to the host family.

Although it has become famous worldwide, many people still need to fully understand the meaning and layout of the Laughing Buddha statue. So, where to put this statue in your house?

I will discuss the Laughing Buddha, including its concept, history, and how to choose where to place the statue. Right now, let’s read on for more information!

Laughing Buddha: Concept And History

Only some people clearly understand the concept, meaning, and history of the Laughing Buddha formation. This section will help you with a clear answer.


Laughing Buddha with Five Kids

Maitreya Buddha, also known as Laughing Buddha, is a stout man with a big belly and a satisfied smile on his lips. It is a symbol of happiness, luck, and fortune.

With this meaning, the Laughing Buddha is a vital amulet anyone wants to own.

The popular Laughing Buddhas carry a cloth bag symbolizing prosperity, wealth, and luck. Today, Maitreya Buddha is in many different forms. Whatever the shape, the meaning remains the same.


Laughing Buddha originated in China. The person in the current Maitreya Buddha statues is Budai, an eccentric monk who lived in the China late Dynasty (907 – 923 AD). He is a Fenghua native whose Buddhist name is Qieci.

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He is a good nature, gentle and lovable man. In some Buddhist traditions, he is regarded as a Buddha or “Bodhisattva.” The man with a big belly and a satisfied smile has characterized today’s happiness, luck, and fortune.

Maitreya Buddha has always been important in any era and has become essential to human spiritual life. Its prosperity and affluence will live forever with time.

Where To Put A Laughing Buddha In The House?

According to the owner’s par and desk, we can place the Laughing Buddha at positions, including East, Southeast, and personal direction.

Placing figures in these areas will ensure great fortune and a fulfilling family.

Placement of the statue in the right direction is important


According to feng shui, the house’s east is the point that brings luck and fortune.

Placing a Buddha statue in this position helps bring harmony, joy, and prosperity to the family. Accordingly, the homeowner’s career and career will be more successful, while relationships with relatives improve without other incidents.

Placing the Laughing Buddha in the house in the right direction makes the living space light and airy with more positive energy. So, family members can also reduce conflicts or quarrels.

Determining the right direction is also important. We should ask people who are deeply knowledgeable about feng shui. Everything will go more smoothly.

Personal direction

According to the five elements, each individual has been assigned a specific direction based on age and destiny. Placing the Maitreya Buddha statue in this direction will retain much fortune and success in life for the family.

You will choose the approach favored by the owner, usually the breadwinner in the family. The symbolic meaning of luck and prosperity will come into play.

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Southeast direction

Southeast is also a good direction to place the Laughing Buddha statue, which brings wealth and peace to the owner. Work, study, or relationships are favorable and have good results.

Placing the statue in this lucky position also contributes to reducing stress and improving your state of health.

On the desk

With the desire to develop your career and promote more in your work, using the Maitreya Buddha statue will help you fulfill your wishes quickly.

Placement is critical. We can put the Buddha on the desk facing the outside. Doing the opposite will not bring luck and fortune to your work.

Notes on Placing a Buddha Statue

Laughing Buddha, or the Fat Buddha Statue

Before placing a Buddha statue in the house, we need to note a few things:

  • Don’t place it in the bathroom, kitchen, or toilet: If you deliberately put the statue in these positions, it will bring severe lousy luck to the family.
  • Do not place the Laughing Buddha on the floor: Placing the Buddha statue on the floor is an insult to the Buddha. It quickly involves the whole family having many disagreements in life. Placing the statue at eye level and looking at it from above will bring better meaning.
  • Do not worship the Maitreya Buddha statue: It is taboo to honor hard with the Laughing Buddha. So, place the statue facing the main door entrance. On the contrary, do not let the figure face the corner of the house, which detracts from your living room’s beauty.


Where should Maitreya Buddha be placed?

On the desk, we should place the Maitreya Buddha statue in directions such as East, Southeast, and in a particular order according to age and destiny.

It will bring fortune, luck, and prosperity to your work, health, and relationships.

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Can we keep Laughing Buddha in the home?

It is perfectly possible to keep a Laughing Buddha statue in the house. Leaving the figure in the place means praying for luck, happiness, and fortune.

The owner will receive unpredictable consequences if he deliberately honors and goes against spiritual rules.

Can we put a Laughing Buddha in the bedroom?

Do not place the Laughing Buddha statue in the bedroom because it will cause harm to the owner. The living room and office are the best spaces in the house.

What type of Laughing Buddha should be kept at home?

Keeping the Laughing Buddha statue in the house is advisable, as it is perfect for health and relationships. In addition, you can also look for wooden sculptures, which help attract health and fortune to your family.

Should a Buddha be placed on the floor?

Never place the statue on the floor. It will bring bad luck to the owner. The figure should be at eye level.


Where to put a Laughing Buddha statue? It can be in the east, southeast, individual directions according to age and destiny, or on the desk.

Hopefully, the above specific information will help you better understand the meaning and how to choose the Maitreya Buddha statue location.

Thank you for reading!