10 Giant Buddha Statues in China You Should Visit

Buddhism was known to China a long time ago. As early as ancient China, this religion was widespread among different social classes.

This country is also famous for its profound Buddhist culture. There are many scenic spots with great religious significance and giant Buddha statues.

In this article, I will introduce you to the most famous Buddha in China. They symbolize significant Buddhist contributions to this country’s culture.

1. Leshan Giant

Leshan Giant

In the first place, I cannot help but mention the Leshan Giant, a marble model on the cliffs of Leshan. Its unique feature lies in its size.

Currently, the Leshan Giant is known as the tallest stone Buddha in the world. Existing from AD 803 up to now, the statue is still massive with its 71m height.

With the stone hewn from the statue sunk into the river, this work has contributed a lot in helping the river become more peaceful than before. It is a sacred place you must visit when coming to China.

2. Lingshan Grand

Lingshan Grand

The next great Buddha I want to talk about is the Lingshan Grand. With 700 tons and 88m, this statue has become the largest in China. Although it was only recently completed, it attracts many international tourists yearly.

With this place, you will admire its immense beauty. Also, to the statue’s southeast is a Hindu-inspired palace. For those who follow the religion, skipping this place is extremely regrettable.

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3. Guishan Guan Yin

Guishan Guan Yin

In 2009, Guishan Guanyin was officially completed. From here, visitors have one more attractive destination when coming to China.

Accordingly, visitors can witness a gilded bronze statue with thousands of hands and eyes. It depicts the Guanyin Buddha standing at Weishan in Hunan province.

After completion, many people visited this 260 million yuan statue. If you can visit Hunan, take a few hours to see the figure to pray for peace.

4. Sanya GuanYin

Sanya GuanYin

Sanya GuanYin, also known as Guan Yin, is a 108-meter-tall Buddha statue in Hainan province and near Nanshan Temple in Sanya City. With this height, it will be the tallest statue in the world up to the present time.

This one symbolizes protecting and blessing the Chinese people and the world. 3 Avalokitesvara faces three sides and has different layout styles.

In the first corner, you will see a woman holding a sutra and Vitarka Mudra. Next, in the second perspective, there will be a woman with folded hands and a rosary. Meanwhile, the last one will carry a golden lotus petal.

Nanshan is the mountain of longevity with the most auspicious meaning in Chinese mythology. So, don’t forget to visit this sacred and meaningful place.

5. Henan Foquan Buddha

Henan Foquan Buddha

If you have visited Zhaocun town in the Lushan district, Henan, indeed, Henan Foquan Temple Buddha is not a strange place for you. This statue was at the Vairocana temple, also known as the giant Vairocana.

It is known as the tallest Buddha statue in the world, with 153 meters (including the building below) and a 20-meter-high lotus.

In October 2008, two new pedestals were on a high and rehabilitated hill with the total statue reaching 208 meters.

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This statue’s name is associated with the Tianrui hot spring near the pagoda and Foguan temple at Dragon’s Head. It has the same meaning as the 166-ton bronze bell, also known as the “Lucky Bell.”

6. Foshan Guan Yin

Foshan Guan Yin

Foshan Guan Yin is the great religious art treasure in Xiqiao Mountain, Guangdong. With this Buddha statue, people will think of the ancient volcano in Foshan city in the Nanhai district.

It is known as the tallest Guan Yin statue in the world for its size. Specifically, the goddess is 62 meters tall and lies on the 15-meter pedestal, increasing its overall height to 77 meters.

7. The Nanshan Buddha on Mountain

Nanshan Buddha in Mountain

In 2004, Big Buddha on Nanshan Mountain was in Shandong. So far, it has become a typical beauty in the Museum of Buddhist History.

Engineers used 380 tons of bronze to cast the 38.66m statue. Historical records show that this statue perfectly combines 108 lotus petals, 232 Buddha bodies, 302 dumplings, and 642 bronze castings.

It is a lively artistic sculpture that symbolizes flourishing in Buddhism.

8. Tian Tan Buddha

Tian Tan Buddha

You will not be able to miss Tian Tan on Lantau Island if you come to Hong Kong.

It is known as the giant bronze seated Buddha in the world, the one 520m above sea level and weighing 220 tons.

Many studies have shown that it symbolizes the connection between modern technology and ancient Eastern Buddhist art.

I have a great impression of the design of the lotus calyx below in Beijing style. It is 34 meters tall, weighs 250 tons, and has a total of 202 bronze petals.

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After climbing all 268 steps, you will get the view of Lantau Island as well as the East Sea on this statue. It will bring you a better experience.

9. Sakyamuni Statue

Sakyamuni Statue

Sakyamuni is an exquisite work of art in northern China. With a radiocarbon date of 1040–1260, a noble face, and simple attire, this statue is a prime example of Buddhism in the Jin Dynasty.

In addition, it also has implications for Shakyamuni Buddha’s identity and reflects actual events in his life. Looking at this statue, we see the excellent heritage value he has left for humanity.

10. Golden Samantabhadra

Golden Samantabhadra

The Golden Samantabhadra Statue on Mt.Emei symbolizes 48 Amitabha’s wishes. According to records, it is also the giant golden Buddha in the world.

If you have the opportunity to observe this statue, you will surely recognize the ten directions in Buddhist culture with the concept from the 10 Samantabhadra.


These 10 Buddha statues are of great spiritual and artistic values. They have significantly contributed to Chinese culture as well as the world.

They are genuinely peaceful and spiritual places, so many tourists from around the world come to make pilgrimages and worship Buddha.

Thank you for reading!