10 Best Chinese Sportswear Brands You Should Consider

There are quite a few stereotypes about the sportswear quality coming from China. However, if you choose products from reputable brands, you will be surprised by the products received.

China’s most prominent fashion clothing brands provide products with diverse designs and optimal shipping services. You can consider buying products from one of these brands below.

Here are the top 10 most prestigious sportswear brands in China. Don’t skip any because you will likely find the right products at these brands.


Anta sportswear

ANTA first appeared in 1991, and the leading product is sports shoes. After more than 30 years, this brand has designed, manufactured, and sold several items, such as activewear and sports accessories.

The significant advantage is the latest science and technology in the production process. Anta established China’s first sports science laboratory in 2005 and acquired FILA four years later.

With such efforts, Anta has surpassed many other prominent brands in China to become the domestic sportswear manufacturer with the highest total revenue.

2. 361˚

361˚ sportswear

361˚ doesn’t have as many years of experience in the sportswear industry as Anta. Yet, this brand has gotten the highest growth rate in this market.

Although established in 2003, now, 361˚ has been a well-known brand in the field of providing shoes and sportswear.

After 10 years, the brand has built more than 7,800 stores across China. 361˚ is also honored to be a young brand but has become a premium partner for many Olympics and large-scale sports tournaments.

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The miraculous development of the brand is mainly due to the motto “One Degree Beyond”. This manufacturer always strives to bring quality sports products that can ignite the vitality and passion of users for life and sports.


PEAK sportswear

With the oldest sportswear companies in China, it would be remiss without Peak. The company was founded in 1989 and currently owns over 7,000 retail stores throughout China and 6,000 stores overseas.

Peak sponsors many basketball players, such as Tony Parker, Dwight Howard, and George Hill. It was also the first Chinese sportswear brand whose name appeared on a billboard at NBA games against the Rockets.

4. TOP

TOP sportswear

The Top is also a young sportswear brand that has quickly gained popularity. It offers a wide variety of sports shoes, clothing, and accessories. The Top is a supplier worth considering if you need to buy sportswear in bulk.

This brand targets young potential customers with good affordability for unique, high-quality shoes. In addition, they are also continuously developing thermal jacket technologies for winter sports.

5. Erke

Erke sportswear

Erke is also the top Chinese sports brand that you should consider. This 2000-founded manufacturer now has more than 7,000 retail stores worldwide.

The brand’s products result from advanced and efficient R&D, production, sales, and marketing processes.

6. Step

Step sportswear

Step’s predecessor was a sportswear manufacturer headquartered in Fujian. It was in 2001 that the company had its brand and focused on developing sports products such as shoes and clothing.

In 2021, Step was assessed as the brand with the most significant business scale in the sportswear market. It is also currently the leading brand in sponsoring China’s marathon events.

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7. Kbird

Kbird brand

Kbird currently owns 20 advanced assembly lines and has an annual output of up to 15 million pairs of shoes and 30 million clothes. Now, Kbird also possesses a strong sales network and strong R&D capabilities.

The main products from this brand are shoes and sportswear for training, basketball, and outdoor activities. The manufacturer also actively creates many collections yearly, always providing customers with the latest designs.

8. Adidas China

Adidas China

Adidas is a famous German sportswear manufacturer. When joining China in 1997, the brand quickly developed in this market of billions of people.

Every product of Adidas China has become a trend. And one of the items that contribute to the brand’s revenue is sports shoes.

Recently, the rise of the Chinese domestic brand has significantly affected the position of foreign companies such as Adidas.

However, Adidas is still one of the most popular sports fashion brands among young people in the billion-population market.

9. Li Ning

Li Ning

In the 1990s, the Chinese gymnast prince Li Ning founded the professional sports equipment brand of the same name.

The products of this brand aim to provide maximum customer experience. With Li Ning, you can find shoes and apparel for each sport, like basketball, badminton, and bodybuilding.

Li Ning is also a well-known brand in the field of investment for Chinese national sports teams. Currently, Li Ning is focusing on developing its brands for basketball and running.

10. Nike China

Nike China

Nike is certainly no longer a strange sportswear brand. In 1981, Nike became the first international brand to enter the Chinese market. After many years, Nike has become one of the most popular brands with consumers of all ages.

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Regarding Nike’s outstanding products in China, the Air Jordan and Air Force are the most popular models. These shoes are especially loved by young Chinese because of their aesthetics and practicality.

Why Buy Sportswear In China?

One of the reasons why you shouldn’t ignore Chinese sportswear is the product variety. Every year, distributors in this market release millions of products.

You can easily choose your favorite designs freely. This advantage also makes Chinese sportswear more competitive in price than in other countries.

The Chinese fashion brands’ shipping service also has excellent optimization. Chinese suppliers will be a cost-effective choice if you want to buy in bulk.


The above list has included the most prominent names in China’s sports product design, manufacturing and sales market today.

Every product from the list above is worth considering. If you have found your favorite brand, do not hesitate to share your experiences in the comments section below. Thank you for reading!