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10 Popular Chinese Alcohol Brands

This list will help you better understand the Chinese liquor industry. When it comes to Baijiu, the Chinese have been drinking them since ancient times.

Baijiu has always been at the top of China’s liquor industry. There is not much room left for foreign liquor.

When learning about famous Chinese wines, you cannot ignore the following wines. All of them have the characteristics of Chinese culture in their taste.

1. Moutai Guizhou

Moutai Guizhou

When it comes to Chinese wine, it is impossible not to mention Moutai Guizhou. This wine is an expensive wine and the pride of the Chinese people.

Moutai Guizhou was from a land with a similar name, Moutai, Guizhou province. River water is the main ingredient in this wine, which helps it always have a unique taste.

Moutai undergoes an extremely rigorous production process with eight times distillation to form the product. The shortest time to brew a bottle of Moutai is 5 to 6 years.

2. Shaoxing Wine

Shaoxing wine

Shaoxing wine originates from Zhejiang province, China. Over thousands of years of existence and development, Shaoxing wine has become one of the most famous wines in China.

They cook the best rice to make this wine. When left for a long time, the rice will be golden yellow and fragrant. This wine is for treating guests when the family has a daughter to get married.

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3. Wuliangye


Wuliangye is representative of multi-grain and strong aroma. The aroma of opening the bottle is delicious, and it explodes immediately in the mouth.

After swallowing, the fragrance of grain lasts long, and the mouth is full-bodied and full-bodied. It is suitable as wine for business banquets.

If you come to china, try drinking this wine once to feel the rich flavors.

4. Luzhou Laojiao

Luzhou Laojiao may be the originator of Luxiang. Luxiang was also known as the Luxiang type in the past. A grain is the main ingredient of this wine.

The aroma may not be as delicious as Wuliangye, but the mellow and long-lasting taste is superior to other types.

Luzhou Laojiao is suitable for elegant and urban people. Therefore, you can see the image of this wine bottle in a lot of urban families in China.

5. Fenjiu


One of the Chinese national liquors is Fenjiu. Today, most of China’s Baijiu brewing techniques originate from Sichuan and Guizhou.

These are places famous for Fenjiu. So, it can be the ancestor of the Chinese Baijiu. Fenjiu has followed the path of the majority, and there are no high-end products. Its flavor is thick, not as refreshing as ordinary Qingxiang wine.

6. Jiannanchun


People say that Jiannanchun lost a third of the old wine in the earthquake. However, it did not affect the foundation of the winery, the old cellar was not damaged, and the product quality remained stable.

The taste of this wine is very intense. Old drinkers who like strong spirits and rich style will love it. When you drink it, you will feel strong, but the more you drink it, the more fragrant and sweet it will be.

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7. Yanghe

It is one of the most representative wines of China. There is only one grain for making wine. Therefore, cooked wine has a purer and richer aroma than ordinary wines.

When drinking it, you will feel rich and colorful, but the overall feeling of mellowness and continuity is better.

8. Longxing Yuye

Longxing Yuye is a famous delicious wine in China with a rigorous production process. The wine has an irresistibly sweet aroma and a golden yellow color.

The raw materials of this wine are glutinous rice and clean, sweet spring water. When brewed, Longxing Yuye will stay in a ceramic jar and seal by putting mud on top of it.

9. Hongjiu

Hongjiu is a famous Chinese wine and often appears in many Chinese historical dramas. The essence of this wine is Shaoxing wine, but it was named Hongjiu when a girl was born.

Hongjiu, when aged 10 to 20 times, will be called Lao Jiu with a taste that is hard to match. China now exports this wine all over the world.

10. Xijiu

Xijiu is the second-largest wine producer in Guizhou. The taste of Xijiu still tends to be Moutai style, but the aftertaste is more elegant.

Under its label, this is a grain wine of comparatively excellent to mid-quality. It is a handcrafted Kunshan wine. You can try it if you do not like bitter flavors.


What is a famous drink in China?

Many people agree that Baiju is China’s most notorious drink. This popular liquor is on the shelves of convenience stores next to mineral water.

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In addition to the domestic market, this drink is widely available and contributes significantly to the promotion of Chinese culture.

What is the strongest Chinese alcohol?

Moutai is a Chinese distilled white wine from the town of Moutai, in Guizhou province. It possesses an alcohol content of about 38.0%, 43.0%, and 53.0% and is one of the strongest alcohols.

Most Chinese wines have a high alcohol content of over 30% by volume (ABV). That means they are the same spirits as vodka.

What is China’s national drink?

Moutai is the largest liquor company in China and has become a trust. In a humane society like China, high-class business parties, invitations to business leaders, and business negotiations would be far worse without Moutai.


Above are the top ten Chinese alcohol brands from many different regions. All of them are the quintessence of this country’s long history.

Besides these brands, there are many other names with delicious flavors that you should try. For more information on Chinese history and culture, visit our website!