10 Chinese Love Songs That Are Viral On Social Media

Love is a constant topic in our lives that elicits tremendous emotions. Love songs are a technique for couples to communicate their romantic sentiments.

Love and romantic music lift your spirits, especially when you’re in Love. We’ve gathered these 10 Chinese love songs for your wedding, Valentine’s day, and other celebrations! Your loved ones will love them.

1. Endless Love – 無盡的愛

The song is about a man’s eternal Love for his other half. The author leads the listener to follow the man’s emotional circuit, from a one-sided love heart to the promise of a long-term commitment.

The beautiful lyrics with meaningful symbols such as stars, wind, winter, and flowers accurately depict his loneliness and painful Love. The repetition of the song “we loved each other too much that is why we have been in such pain” helps us understand the nature of Love.

But Love is not only pain but also hope. Therefore, the author ended the song with a positive message “Only true love will follow us through endless time and space.”

2. You Who Love Heartily 105°C – 热爱105°C的你

Though it was first launched as a commercial jingle in 2019, this song has recently gained enormous popularity. It was a jingle for Watsons Water, whose bottled water is produced using high-pressure distillation at 105°C, which is why the song mentions that temperature.

What, then, accounts for its unexpected current surge in popularity? Zhang Zhehan, an actor, is to blame for everything.

He gained notoriety as the lead in the popular TV show Word of Honor. Because the words fit him so well, some of his ardent followers decided to create video clips of him to publish online and utilize this song as the background music.

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The song was then covered online by other vocalists. After listening to the music, I loved it and began humming.

3. How Have You Been? – 你,好不好?

“How have you been?” is a release by Eric Chou. In this song, he describes a guy’s mood after breaking up with his girlfriend.

The song contains many regrets about hurting the one he loves with pride. Ultimately, he had to accept that he couldn’t return to that moment.

4. Love Confession – 告白氣球

The song depicts a man’s nervousness while preparing for his first date. A sweet confession, “because having you, I have the whole world,” is sure to melt the hearts of many girls.

The fast, bright, and playful melody evoke the first confession in every listener’s memory. It’s a song to listen to when you’re sad and happy.

5. Misplaced Time And Space – 错位时空

“Misplaced Time And Space” is the title of a song that became a viral hit in 2021. If you listen to the song’s lyrics, you will understand that the title conveys a theme of stillborn love that ends before it has a chance to begin.

This song tells about the regret and nostalgia for the lost Love, the sweet nostalgia, the fulfillment of reluctance, and the seemingly free and easy happiness on the outside to cover up the real sadness in the heart.

The lyrics are not lengthy, but they express the woman’s duplicity and pretending to be strong in Love. Instead of pulling it painfully when Love ends, treating it as a beautiful memory dusted in the years is better.

6. Left Fingering To The Moon – 左手指月

The song “Left Fingering the Moon” talks about pursuing beauty and learning to protect it. The repeated melody reflects the light of humanity blooming in the endless cycle.

According to the song, true Love requires mutual protection and growth, and it doesn’t matter if you stumble. In the end, you will overcome everything, learn to grow and be strong, gain ultimate Love, and even more.

7. Love You Ten Thousand Years – 爱你一万年

“Love You Ten Thousand Years” is a classic song of lyrical style. After its release, the song was widely popular in karaoke.

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Kong Xiangdong and Andy Lau proved that classical and pop could cooperate reasonably. With the artistic conception created by the song itself and Andy Lau’s singing voice, this song has conquered countless people who yearn for Love, and “Love You for Ten Thousand Years” has become a memory of that era.

Andy Lau used a bunch of vows to fill in a song expressing “I love you for ten thousand years.” That year “Love You Ten Thousand Years” became popular and spread in the streets and alleys.

Looking back now, although Andy Lau’s lyrics are not good, it is at least a complete and easy-to-remember love song. Coupled with Andy Lau’s convincing singing, it has become many people’s favorite.

8. Unbreakable Love – 永不失联的爱

The song narrates the absolute infatuation of a person. Even if it is unlikely to be looked back on by the other party, you must use your voice to shout and treat this relationship with your heart.

The song revolves around this line of lyrics, constantly imagining that the other party will change his mind and looking forward to the day when he can return.

It says, “I was afraid that no one would understand her helplessness, and no one would love her, so I promised that as long as I was willing to look back, I would find that I was always there.”

The song is full of warmth from beginning to end as if calling the other party gently, telling the other party that the beautiful plot is here.

9. I’m Doing Love – 是我在做多情种

This song expresses the regrettable love story of the heroine and heroine Si Shao and Jing Wan in the play with tunes full of Republican style. The song is emotionally sad and sincere, and the audience is unconsciously drawn into it.

10. A Million Possibilities – 百萬個可能

One of my favorite songs is A Million Possibilities. I immediately have a peaceful sense of tranquility that permeates the song.

The song’s lyrics are also quite significant, weaving together images of a landscape blanketed in snow and the concept of waiting for a lover before combining these two themes to produce great poetry.

The combination of ancient Chinese poetry with relatively Western visuals generates pleasant chemistry. It intensifies the sense of cleanliness and freshness that permeates this song in all forms.

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What is the most beautiful love song?

  • “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers
  • “Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding
  • “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green
  • “At Last” by Etta James
  • “Slow Show” by the National

What is the number 1 love song of all time?

“I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston is one of those classic songs. The singer is driving home the message in this song that, even though she and her lover are parting ways, she “will always adore” them.

She will never forget him, no matter how far away from him life takes her. Even though it is implied that their breakup would not be a pleasant experience, she nonetheless wishes him “joy,” “happy,” and “love” on his journey through life.

What song can I dedicate to my lover?

  • “At Last” By Etta James (1960)
  • “God Only Knows” By Beach Boys (1966)
  • “My Girl” By The Temptations (1965)
  • “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” By Roberta Flack (1972)
  • “All You Need Is Love” By The Beatles (1967)
  • “Faithfully” By Journey (1983)
  • “Lady” By Kenny Rogers (1980)
  • “How Deep Is Your Love” By The Bee Gees (1977)

It’s Catch My Breath by Kelly Clarkson.

Chinese pop music, or C-pop, is created by musicians from Greater China, including Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and mainland China. The Mandopop, Cantopop, and Hokkien pop subgenres of C-pop are the three most prevalent types.

Final Thoughts

So those are our top ten love songs in Chinese, which you should check out. Which one do you prefer? Do you keep a list of your favorites? Please share it with us in the comment box. Thank you for reading!