How to Cook Chinese Rice? The Only Guide You Need

Chinese rice is a familiar fried rice dish for Chinese and people worldwide. This dish is famous for its crunchy texture and filling taste that can amaze any culinary lover. So, how do you cook the perfect Chinese rice?

I was amazed by this dish’s flavors and beautiful look the first time I tried it. Today, I will instruct you on recreating this infamous dish’s rich and traditional flavors at home.

Now keep reading to discover the secret Chinese fried rice recipe!

How To Cook Chinese Rice

This Chinese fried rice recipe takes less than one hour to make. Whether for dinner or breakfast, it will give you an accommodating and nutritious meal.

Yet, the dish’s flavors depend on your preparation skill and cooking technique. Ensure that you prepare the rice correctly so it won’t get soggy.

You need to cook the rice first in this recipe

1. Ingredients

The secret ingredient behind the signature flavor of Chinese fried rice is soy sauce. You can find this seasoning in many Asian supermarkets. Besides, ensure that you use high-quality long-grained rice to achieve the best flavors.

Traditional Chinese fried rice also consists of scrambled eggs, vegetables, and white onions. You can add optional ingredients like butter and milk to increase their richness.

  • Rice
  • Vegetable oil, pepper, and white onion
  • Soy sauce for seasoning
  • Butter and milk (optional)

2. Cook Rice

Use a measuring cup to measure your desired amount of rice. Then, rinse the rice into a bowl with cool water to clean off the dirt. Now, pour water onto the rice (the water level should be one inch higher than the rice level).

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The electric rice cooker is the best tool for cooking rice. Consider replacing it with a saucepan if you don’t have this item.

To start with, pour the rice and water mixture into the pan and turn on the heat. During the cooking process, you should stir the mixture occasionally.

When the mixture starts to boil, set down the heat to medium and place a lid on the saucepan to simmer.

After 10 to 15 minutes of simmering, open the lid to release the steam and set your ripe rice aside. Let it cool down for another 15 minutes, and move on to cook the veggies.

Use a measuring cup to ensure the correct ratio

3. Cook the Vegetables

The first thing to do is to cut white onions into many small pieces. The onion’s sweetness and fabulous scent will blend with your fried rice like magic. Remember to discard the outer skin of the white onions first.

Regarding bell peppers, you can slice them into two halves and discard their seeds first. Then, lay each half onto the cutting board and slice it into many thin, long pieces.

Finally, mix your chopped white onions and red bell peppers in a bowl and set it aside.

4. Preparing Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are the soul of Chinese fried rice. It increases both flavors and nutritious content of this dish. For this recipe, I will use chicken eggs plus a little butter and milk to increase the flavor.

First, combine eggs with butter and milk in a mixing bowl. Then, stir the mixture until all the ingredients blend thoroughly. Then, heat butter in another saucepan and pour the egg mixture.

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Wait briefly for the egg mixture to thicken on the pan. Then, stir and break it into many small pieces using a fork. Don’t overmix because you will grind and ruin the scrambled egg’s texture.

Set your cooked scrambled eggs aside and move on to the last step.

Prepare the scrambled eggs

5. Mix the Ingredients

Put your stove on medium heat and heat up the saucepan. If you use too high heat, it will burn up the ingredients and make your rice too dry. I recommend using a wok so you can stir the ingredients more easily.

Now, pour a little vegetable oil onto your wok. When the oil heats up, pour in the chopped vegetables and stir them frequently for 2 minutes.

Wait for the veggies to get mildly ripe, then stir in the cooked scrambled eggs and rice. Keep stirring for another minute.

When all the ingredients get crunchy and well-cooked, pour in soy sauce (about one-half cup) and keep mixing. You can use your favorite sugar, salt, and fish sauce seasonings to achieve extra flavors.

You know the dish is ready when your fried rice turns into an eye-catching brownish color. Now stir it onto a plate or a round bowl to serve.

Combine everything and serve!

This is how a professional chef prepares the best Chinese fried rice.


This session brings you a few helpful tips and information on making Chinese rice. Keep reading to find out!

Can I Skip Soy Sauce In This Recipe?

Yes, you can remove soy sauce from the recipe if you don’t like its flavors. In this case, use MSG seasoning, sugar, salt, and fish sauce to create your own flavors.

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What Gives Chinese Rice Its Flavor?

Soy sauce is the secret seasoning that creates Chinese fried rice’s rich and signature taste. Therefore, I don’t recommend discarding soy sauce unless you are allergic to it.

Do Chinese Add Salt To Rice?

No, Chinese and Koreans don’t commonly add salt to their cooked rice. They keep rice plain when cooking it to keep the natural aroma and taste.

What Is The Water Ratio For Chinese Rice?

If you use a measuring cup, about two cups of water for one cup of rice is the best ratio. Meanwhile, the Asian chefs will estimate that the water level is one inch higher than the rice.

Final Thoughts

Chinese fried rice is both flavorful and nutritious, as it can keep you full all morning. I kept this recipe simple and easy to follow. Yet, it brings an authentic and exceptional taste that you cannot resist.

After many trials, you will eventually cook a bowl of Chinese fried rice with a crunchy texture and a well-seasoned taste. I hope the provided instructions can help you. Thank you for your time!