10 Best Chinese Fantasy Dramas You Must Watch Once

Many individuals may watch the following best Chinese fantasy dramas to tune out the outside world and immerse themselves in the story.

This kind of drama incorporates aspects of magic, escapism, myth, and the paranormal. Lie back, unwind, and finish reading this article.

You’ll discover why it’s worthwhile to watch these dramas!

It can be challenging to decide which drama to watch because hundreds of them exist. So, what are the top Chinese fantasy dramas? Let’s check them out!

1. Eternal Love

Eternal Love

Unquestionably, this is one of the most-watched programs in China. You will adore Eternal Love even if you dislike fantasy themes.

Despite the challenges posed by the previous generation, a couple in love overcame them to remain together forever. Specific passion, suffering, and love episodes will astonish you.

The creative plot turns are impressive. The director has also introduced tragic events at precisely the correct times.

You must watch this one if television dramas like these are your thing.

2. The Journey of Flower

It’s the tale of an orphan who attracts demons thanks to her peculiar accent, making the villagers loathe and fear her.

The plot begins innocently and beautifully, but it quickly begins to turn, creating tremendous suspense and expectation.

Her name is Hua Qian Gu. Her mother went away during childbirth on the day of her birth when flowers withered and the skies darkened.

When she was 16 years old, her father passed away. He gave her some survival advice before he passed away because it appears that she has the unique ability to attract demons and otherworldly beings with her fragrance.

This television series took home honors for Best Actor, Best Actress, Top Ten Television Series, and Audience Favorite Character in 2015.

3. Chinese Paladin

With its cast of endearing people and their connections, the Chinese Paladin has stood the test of time. The plot weaves themes of love and sacrifice in amongst aspects of adventure, fantasy, and romance.

Li Xiao Yao, an upbeat orphan in the plot, went to Dream Island to hunt for a cure for his sick aunt on the recommendation of two guys.

But while there, he meets Zhao Ling Er, falls in love with her, and marries her.

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He awakens, but he has no memory of how he got to Dream Island or even if he had wed Zhao Ling.

Later, the Lunar Sect Cult had planned to capture Ling Er during his visit to Dream Island. They get together to confront the Lunar Sect Cult and test Xia Yao’s memory.

The story’s main structure is charming sound, despite its cheesiness. Yet, some sections stutter and falter, and the series’ pace can slow down in the middle.

You should watch the Chinese Paladin drama if you enjoy martial arts.

4. Legend of Fuyao

Legend of Fuyao

Everyone agrees that The Legend of Fuyao is the best historical drama. The 66-episode television show combines a variety of elements.

Fu Yao was an adopted child who worked as an enslaved person in the Taiyuan Kingdom for the Xuan Yuan sect. After a string of misfortunes, she set out to travel the world in quest of a solution to the curse that had marred her life.

She encounters Zhang Sun Wu Ji, the Crown Prince of Tianquan, along the route and develops feelings for him. Together, they took on political problems in the five kingdoms and discovered her birth’s hidden history.

The well-choreographed fight scenes come first. Second, you will giggle since this series is pretty funny. Thirdly, the storyline is intricate and fascinating, and the character selection is among the greatest.

5. Ashes of Love

The Flower Goddess passed away in antiquity after giving birth to a daughter named Jin Mi. She instructed her employees to keep the story a secret.

Four thousand years later, the second son of the Heavenly Emperor, Xu Feng, was captured. Jin Mi saved him.

After 100 years of cohabitation, Xu Feng began to feel something for Jin Mi. Someone close to them tries to take advantage of their feelings.

Two immortals meet in the drama Ashes of Love and fall in love. This story is even more delightful because it appears in an era when six realms, including the demon, human, flower, and celestial realms, live in peace.

The plot contains a lot of twists and turns, and the story is fantastic. Because it has a brilliant plot, it would win numerous international awards if it were in a language like English.

6. Legend of Chusen

Legend of Chusen

The drama mentions the so-called Righteous Sect, including Qingyun and Fen Xiang. It creates the line between good and evil.

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They view things that they don’t know about or don’t grasp to be wicked. At the same time, the Ghost King Sect acts openly rather than covertly.

The drama also demonstrates how Qingyun, the purportedly righteous sect, cherishes sect regulations above all else. They lack the flexibility necessary to adapt to various circumstances.

You will eventually become tired of their preaching that other groups are bad sects. There will always be that one cult that justifies the cruel deeds of others while being uncaring themselves.

If you enjoy Wuxia, The Legend of Chusen is a must-watch. It includes incredible battle scenes, fantastic special effects, and a respectable amount of intrigue.

7. The Untamed

The plot revolves around two young, idealistic paladins who become involved in a brutal uprising against an evil clan. The two were once again buddies when one tragically passed away, and the other rose to demonologist fame.

When they banded together to investigate a string of fatalities, they unintentionally unearthed a dark plot and several disclosures about one another.

With the help of visually spectacular scenery and set design, excellent music, an engaging story, and a group of young performers with skill, “The Untamed” brought this magical world to life.

It features a solid script with just enough humor, drama, action, and mystery.

It’s not perfect, though, and several episodes had pacing issues. For instance, the first two episodes occasionally dragged because of an excessive number of subplots and flashbacks.

The previous episode also included several monotonous and out-of-order passages that felt like fillers before the last climax. Yet, it’s an excellent finish.

8. Journey to the West

In “Journey to the West,” Zhang Wen plays the silly but honest Buddhist monk Xuan Zang. He is a youthful demon hunter who must defeat several opponents before facing off against the legendary, shape-shifting Monkey King.

Co-directors Stephen Chow and Derek Kwok have created an exhilarating fantasy by adapting one of the Four Great Classical Novels of 16th-century Chinese literature. It’s a chaotic fable that celebrates the strength of faith.

Their enormous martial arts set pieces are nothing short of remarkable. But, they are enthusiastic and attractive, full of incredible ingenuity and complexity.

These scenes give the movie a winning, energizing vitality. They can be both crazy slapstick and minutely graceful.

Ultimately, it’s a movie aimed to appeal to modern viewers.

9. Empresses in the Palace

What a beautiful piece of work! Whether in the clothes and jewels, the scenery, or the actresses themselves, it never ceases to fill the eyes with beauty.

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Put, seeing it never gets old. And the narrative never gets boring.

The story revolves around a girl named Huan, one of the government leaders’ daughters. She is a potential addition to the emperor’s stable of concubines during the early Qing era in China.

Huan is reportedly the lone applicant who is not eager to give up her current lifestyle to compete for the emperor’s favor in the Forbidden City.

Soon after she joins the harem, she has to deal with the pressures of that life, which is extremely risky and deadly.

There are always new schemes, conspiracies, and poisonings. She encounters difficulties, yet she develops resiliency and outlives even the emperor.

10. Story of Yanxi Palace

Story of Yanxi Palace

If you watch Asian dramas frequently, chances are you’ve already seen or at least heard about the Story of Yanxi Palace. When it originally debuted in 2018, this seventy-episode period drama created a considerable impression.

The protagonist of Yanxi Palace is Wei Yingluo. She is a dramatized portrayal of Empress Xiaoyichun of the Qing Dynasty, spouse of the Qianlong Emperor, and mother of the Jiaqing Emperor.

She enters the Forbidden City to look into the unusual circumstances surrounding the death of her older sister, a palace maid. She ends up discovering that someone raped and killed her sister.

Not by accident did Story of Yanxi Palace become the most popular Chinese drama in 2018. It offers an intense seventy episodes filled with mystery, intrigue, and retribution.

The plot can sometimes become complicated and predictable, but it is always exciting and engaging. Fans of harem drama shouldn’t pass this one up.


The 10 dramas that we have examined here are fantastic in their unique ways. Some storylines move forward quickly, while others don’t.

The clothing, characters, music, and even the effects of these dramas make them all likable. You won’t ever regret picking one of them to watch.

Now grab a coke and popcorn to enjoy it while watching your favorite movie!