10 Best Stephen Chow Movies You Must Watch

Stephen Chow is a monument in Hong Kong cinema and around the world. The famous actor and director has participated in many films and made them famous.

Chow has participated in many films and left many impressions on viewers. Here are Chow’s best movies based on content, acting, and cinematography.

1. Kung Fu Hustle – 2004

  • Director: Stephen Chow
  • Main actors: Stephen Chow, Yuen Wah, Danny Chan, Yuen Qiu
Kung Fu Hustle

Kung Fu Hustle is the most technically complete movie on the list thanks to all its concealed ropes, creative camera angles, trampoline, and special effects.

The main character in Kung Fu Hustle is Sing (Sing Chow), a con man whose opinion is that “nice people never win”.

Then, in a long series of tense battle scenes, Sing must choose between morality and his chances of survival.

The director has put a lot of heart into this movie, as evidenced by the excellent cast, dialogue, setting, and acting ability.

2. Shaolin Soccer – 2001

  • Director: Stephen Chow
  • Main actors: Stephen Chow, Ng Man-tat, Zhao Wei, Patrick Tse
Shaolin Soccer

The Shaolin Soccer marked Chow’s sublime acting career and boundless creativity in Hong Kong cinema. He presented a creative story about the players on the team with a strange playing style.

The story is about a team of masters who are disciples of the Shaolin sect. Thanks to their origin as martial generals, these players possess excellent skills, making the team successful.

Immediately after its release, this film received great enthusiasm from audiences everywhere and brought Chow to the European film market.

3. A Chinese Odyssey P.1 and P.2 – 1995

  • Director: Jeffrey Lau
  • Main actors: Stephen Chow, Ng Man-tat, Athena Chu, Yammie Lam
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A Chinese Odyssey

In 1995, director Jeffrey Lau made the film A Chinese Odyssey based on Wu Chengen’s work Journey to the West. The director only borrowed Journey to the West with Sun Wukong as the main character to tell a different story.

In this movie, Chow plays the role of Contemporary Chi Sun Bao (descendant of Sun Wukong).

The director divided the film into two parts, named as follows:

  • A Chinese Odyssey Part One: Pandora’s Box
  • A Chinese Odyssey Part Two: Cinderella

The content in the first part is the opening story for many things that will happen in the last one. In the second part, Jeffrey Lau skillfully brought many details of the swordplay into the life of the film.

4. God of Cookery – 1996

  • Director: Stephen Chow
  • Main actors: Stephen Chow, Vincent Kuk, Karen Mok
God of Cookery

This first official directing job shows the development of the Stephen Chow style of film and entirely does away with his hilariousness.

This movie is about a chef who is very famous in Hong Kong and is known as the King of Chefs. He was wild and arrogant until a group of people plotted and let him in, making him crippled.

The way the plot opens in the movie is full of creativity. The film has an interesting ending and the divine element Chow put in to solve an issue that humans can’t solve is a reasonable explanation.

5. Fight Back to School – 1991

  • Director: Gordon Chan
  • Main actors: Stephen Chow, Cheung Man, Ng Man-Tat, Roy Cheung
Fight Back to School

Fight Back to School is a Hong Kong comedy film with the cooperation of director Gordon Chan and Stephen Chow.

Its success set the stage for the sequels Duel to School 2 and 3. Many people love the movie because of its funny content and exciting action.

Playing the role of an undercover policeman disguised as a student looking for a lost boss’s gun, Chau Tinh Tri brings a lot of laughter to viewers.

Although he has the help of police colleagues, the search is still difficult for many reasons.

6. All for the Winner – 1990

  • Director: Jeffrey Lau, Corey Yuen
  • Main actors: Stephen Chow, Sharla Cheung, Ng Man-tat, Sandra Ng
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All for the Winner

The next movie mentioned on this list is All for the Winner. All for the Winner has brought many achievements. It is also the opening film for the famous Stephen Chow series of cards until now.

The film tells the story of a naive guy who was exposed to gambling when visiting his uncle in Hong Kong.

Because of his special ability, he gradually has the opportunity to represent Macau in the world gambling competition. In the end, he became the winner of this contest.

7. King of Comedy – 1999

  • Director: Stephen Chow, Lee Lik-chi
  • Main actors: Stephen Chow, Karen Mok, Ng Man-tat, Cecilia Cheung
King of Comedy

This classic is a delightful cinematic experience with a soulful story that will bring you joy and sadness after 90 minutes.

The film is autobiographical about Chow’s early acting career. The film depicts the story of Wan Tin-Sau (Stephen Chow), an acting teacher for his local community center, who works extra time in it.

The film gives the audience many humorous details typical of Chau Tinh Tri, such as nosebleeds and bleeding eyes.

8. From Beijing with love – 1994

  • Directors: Stephen Chow, Lee Lik-chi
  • Main actors: Stephen Chow, Law Kar-Ying, Anita Yuen, Lee Lik-chi
From Beijing with Love

From Beijing with Love is one of Chow’s funniest and most heartfelt movies. This movie served as the model for many other films that came after.

In the film From Beijing with Love, Chau Tinh Chi plays a secret operative named Ling Ling Chat tasked with finding some stolen dinosaur skulls.

He encounters a mysterious woman along the road and enlists her assistance to defeat the film’s elusive villain.

Even though the movie’s plot isn’t particularly interesting, audiences will laugh a lot at the characters’ funny performance and pun-filled dialogue.

9. Flirting Scholar – 1993

  • Director: Lee Lik-chi
  • Main actors: Stephen Chow, Natalis Chan, Gong Li, Bryan Leung
Flirting Scholar

Flirting Scholar is a simple and enjoyable comedy. Despite having no actual meaning, this movie nonetheless manages to be very entertaining.

Because of this movie, many people still refer to the cockroach by its modern name, “Xiao Qiang,” which translates to “Little Strong.”

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Flirting Scholar relates the account of Tong Pak Fu, a revered scholar recognized for his abilities in poetry, calligraphy, and art, as well as his eight marriages.

Although the film’s traditional storyline about boys and girls meeting may not be the most inventive or thrilling, many audiences adore it.

10. Forbidden City Cop – 1996

  • Director: Vincent Kok, Stephen Chow
  • Main actors: Stephen Chow, Carmen Lee, Carina Lau, Tats Lau
Forbidden City Cop

Audiences will be surprised at Chow’s acting skills from the movie Forbidden City Cop. Although the film has silly details, useless humor, and clever answers, there are emotions interwoven throughout the film.

The film has many situations that make viewers forget they are watching a comedy but a romance.

A good example is a scene where Ling Ling Fat argues with his wife (Karl Lau) and tells her not to come back. The angry wife left the house but soon returned, hugging her husband.


What is Stephen Chow famous for?

Chow is famous for his peculiar sense of humor and expressionless demeanor.

He has evolved into a legendary actor in Hong Kong movies. In the 1990s, Chow and Master Jackie Chan dominated the Asian box office.

How old is Stephan Chow?

As of 2023, Stephen Chow is 60 years old.

Is Stephen Chow making a new movie?

Currently, Stephen Chow is no longer acting. For three years, the actor has not had a movie in theaters.


Stephen Chow has thus far made appearances in more than 50 movies. They are all excellent and humorous.

He methodically executed each film with the help of his talent, commitment, and extreme enthusiasm for perfection. Please let us know if this list is missing any good movies by Stephen Chow.