10 Websites to Watch Chinese Movies & TV Series Online Free

Want to find a place online to watch Chinese TV shows? These 10 websites can help you locate Chinese-language versions of your favorite films.

In addition to the visual comprehension advantages, watching TV programs is a pleasant and exciting approach to immersing oneself in the linguistic setting.

Learning Chinese via cinema on free websites is an excellent alternative to traditional classroom and textbook study. Check out this article for a list of recommended options!

Let’s go further down the rabbit hole of sites where you may view and download Chinese movies without paying a dime.

1. Youku


Youku.com is the most popular online video platform in China. Its TV channel has hundreds of recently shown programs. It also produces short television series, some of which are highly famous among netizens.

You may considerably increase your hearing and reading comprehension of Chinese by watching movies with Chinese subtitles.

However, these materials are currently accessible to IPs from China. Users from other locations can only use VPN to see them. It has both website and Android, iPhone and WePhone App, and Windows TV software accessible.

On Youku’s first page, users may search for any Chinese film they’d want to watch online or download. When visitors visit the website searching for a particular Chinese movie, they find a list of the most recently searched movies.

Furthermore, a category filter is available to help sort and download these movies in HD. Youku allows you to make a watch list of your favorites and restart watching on several devices if you want.

2. Baidu TV

To complement China’s most popular search engine, Baidu, there is now a TV series channel called Baidu TV Series Channel. It has many current popular shows, including TV and movies.

Because of its substantial financial resources, Baidu provides its users with the most recent and comprehensive TV shows. Various additional stations, some of which broadcast Chinese animation and feature films, are available.

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When you search on Baidu, the most popular search engine in China, you’ll automatically be sent to the Baidu TV Series Channel. You may watch many current popular television shows and movies on the site.

In terms of mobile devices, you may use them on iPhones, Androids, iPads, and Android Pads.

3. QQ TV


QQ is the most popular free IM software in China. Its TV Channel streams whole episodes of TV shows.

It has applications for all the major mobile operating systems. QQ TV is compatible with any device, including smartphones, computers, and televisions.

You may save the programs you want to watch later and subscribe to the series updates by logging into your QQ account. You may also download the videos to your computer or mobile device for later viewing.

4. Tudou

YouKu has joined with Tudou, another popular Chinese video-sharing platform.

Full episodes of popular Chinese, Korean, American, and European TV programs and movies are available.

You can find all of these plays on its smartphone app, which is free. But, you may need a monthly or annual subscription to access certain recently released films.

5. IQiyi


iQiyi also has an extensive library of Chinese dramas dubbed in traditional Chinese and English. You may watch some videos without a subscription, while others will cost you.

Like the American streaming service Hulu, Iqiyi.com offers only Chinese high-definition television shows and films.

In addition to offering the most recent copyrighted video material, IQiyi also creates original programming, such as dramas aimed at a youthful audience.

Iqiyi is now the most prominent and widely-used Chinese drama and movie streaming platform. With more than 500 million active users per month, it is essentially the Chinese version of Netflix.

Although a VIP membership is necessary to view all the dramas, the website has a ton of free stuff that is well worth checking out. Through its free applications, the high-quality streaming provides a beautiful watching experience while allowing you to transition between different devices (Android and iOS).

6. Mango TV

In 2022, Mango TV will be a fantastic source of online video entertainment. It enables you to stream full-length Chinese TV programs without downloading anything.

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You may discover a lot of Chinese videos, generally with Chinese subtitles. Subtitles are available, both in the original language and in English.

7. Tencent

Tencent Video offers more in-depth material for Chinese consumers, whereas WeTV’s worldwide edition prioritizes users from other countries.

In addition to the most current TV episodes and original series, it also provides a massive selection of older dramas, HD movies, and anime.

Only Chinese residents may access Tencent Video. Therefore, we advise using a VPN to access this website if you reside abroad.

Download its free Android and iOS applications if you use mobile devices.

8. PP TV

PPTV offers you access to countless numbers of free Chinese drama episodes. You may view famous Chinese movies in addition to TV programs.

With the help of fast streaming servers, PPTV performed a fantastic job upgrading its video catalog. Like other websites, no registration and membership are necessary to view the free material.

PCs, Macs, Android smartphones and tablets, iPads, and more are all supported with PPTV. All of its dramas are available for free internet streaming to everyone around the globe.

Just like on other Chinese video sites, you’ll have to go through a few commercials before you can watch the show. If you want to disable the advertisements, you must pay for them.

9. Migu

Migu TV is an ad-free, limitless streaming service that is entirely legal.

From humor to drama, children to classics, and specialized favorites like Chinese dramas, anime, and TV shows, there is something for everyone. Start streaming entertainment right now by downloading now!

It’s also an excellent website to watch free Chinese television and sports online.

To view the video on mobile devices, Migu Video does provide free Android and iOS applications with a well-managed style.

Even though the VIP shows cost a membership, a ton of high-quality free material is available.

10. WeTV


Another well-known TV streaming website, WeTv, offers free access to Chinese dramas and TV series with English subtitles. Chinese IT giant Tencent owns this website. Therefore you can rely on its dependability and quality.

Live video and game videos join the wide selection of Chinese television programs available on this site. WeTV is also where you can watch the most popular Tencent Animations.

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WeTV offers various dramas in many genres, including romance, fantasy, period clothing, horror, action, etc.

While a paid subscription is available for those just released series, there is still enough somewhat older stuff to keep you entertained.

The most significant thing is that you can see it by installing the App on various devices, including Android TVs or smart TVs.

Watch this WeTV application review for more information!


Where can I watch Chinese movies online with English subtitles?

iQIYI. The finest site to watch Chinese movies online with English subtitles is iQIYI, one of the most well-known Chinese online video platforms.

Which App is best for watching Chinese dramas with English subtitles?

A Great Channel and App to Watch Chinese Dramas with English Subtitles are WeTV English.

Is iQIYI safe to use?

ChinaDRM Lab has approved iQIYI App with DRM app security competence testing. The iQIYI App can download, securely decrypt, and play digital movies thanks to its self-developed DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology, which also enables the program to stop hackers from stealing digital material.


The best 10 websites above are the most interesting places to watch free Chinese movies & drama.

Although every website and TV service on the list below is free and entirely legal, many pieces of material are only accessible to people in Mainland China owing to copyright difficulties.

To view free material unavailable in your location, you may use a VPN. With services like ExpressVPN and NordVPN, you can effortlessly get around IP limitations and unblock dramas.

It’s time to start binge-watching, so get some popcorn!