10 Chinese Sad Songs for You to Cry Over

Are you a lover of sad songs? Let’s take a look at the ten Chinese sad songs to listen to when you are in love. Each music table is a confession of a person suffering in love. If you are in trouble with your love, listen to these songs!

Music will heal the soul, especially sad music!

1. A Lifetime Love – Lowell Lo (一生所爱)

Singer: Lowell Lo

A Lifetime Love is one of the movie’s theme songs starring Stephan Chow. The song is a love song that tells the touching love story of two people.

Although they love each other dearly, they cannot be together. The song is like a man’s heart when he can’t come to the girl he loves.

The singer breathed life into the song through his voice, making it one of the love songs that many people still remember.

2. Say Goodbye (说了再见)

Singer: Jay Chou

Jay Chou is a male singer associated with the 8x and 9x generations. He is a rare Asian male singer who can assert himself in the Western music market.

Chou’s song Silence is on the album The Era released in 2010.

Say Goodbye captivates listeners right from the first piano note, plus his sweet and confidant voice, everything blends into a masterpiece.

This song’s MV tells the story of a young man’s broken love. In the MV, the guy sits sad and lonely in the middle of the night. He plays the piano and sings with his heart.

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3. My Exciting Solitary Life (萧亚轩)

Singer: Elva Hsiao

As a famous Taiwanese pop star after winning a singing competition in 1998, Elva Hsiao has had album after hit album after album, all of which have catchy tunes and have quickly grown in popularity.

My Exciting Solitary Life is like the voice of a girl tired of her current love. After deciding, the girl in the song who ended her love story continued to move forward.

The song is like an encouragement to the souls of the girls who are heartbroken.

4. Farewell Song (离歌)

Singer: Shin Band

Shin is a Taiwanese Mandopop rock band that debuted in 2002 with its self-titled album, Shin. Although Shin’s voice is not unique, Farewell Song will surprise listeners.

The song shows well the suffering of a man in hopeless love. The melody at the song’s end makes people always think of sad memories.

5. Listening to The Sea (听海)

Singer: Zhang Huimei

Since debuting more than 20 years, Zhang Huimei has gradually become an unshakable existence in the hearts of fans who are like family, friends, and even a queen. With voice, she conveys the stories she wants to share through music.

Listening to The Sea was once the most popular girl’s love song. The girl uses the sea to express feelings when broken.

Along with a powerful vocal, this song can comfort any wounded heart. Listen to the sea has also occupied the KTV charts so far.

6. You Are a Star (你是明星)

Singer: Leslie Cheung

Although many years have passed, Chinese fans still cannot forget the sad life of talented male singer Leslie Cheung. Perhaps because he has been through a lot of suffering, his songs are very deep and touching.

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In this You Are a Star song, his unique deep voice expresses a deep sadness that brings listeners to tears.

7. Badly Hurt (我是真的受伤了)

Singer: Jacky Cheung Hok-Yau

Jacky Cheung Hok-Yau is the pride of Hong Kong’s entertainment and music industry. He not only owns classic songs, which many generations sing along but also leaves his mark and style as an inspiration for the next generation.

Badly Hurt is one of his best musical productions. The song is a sad love song, expressing the pain of a man breaking up. It will touch the heart of anyone who is suffering from love.

8. Fairytale (童话)

Singer: Michael Wong

The next sad song is Fairytale by Chinese-Malaysian Michael Wong (Guang Liang).

Michael Wong is a singer as well as composer who has written love songs, and they are very famous. This song is about a woman who doesn’t believe in fairy tales. Although the song’s content is not too sad, its MV is very touching and brings viewers to tears.

9. Ni Hao Bu Hao (你好不好)

Singer: Eric Chou

Ni Hao Bu Hao is a song by Eric Chou, a well-known Taiwanese singer regarded as the king of love ballads. This song is about a person’s remorse over not protecting the one they love more, who ultimately deserts them.

But he chooses to continue living in the past rather than accepting the truth. He wishes he could go back to when the two of them were together, but that is unachievable.

10. White Moonlight (白月光)

Singer: Jeff Chang

Jeff Chang is a Taiwanese singer and actor known for his many emotional pop ballads that topped the Chinese charts.

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White Moonlight is one of the rare sad love songs of the singer. The song is a confession of a guy who always remembers the past. The melody of the song will always remind us of memories.


Where can I listen to Chinese Songs?

You can use Xiami Music. It is one of the most widely used Chinese music apps in mainland China. It is free and accessible to iPhone and Android users. Consider it to be a Chinese Spotify.

Is there a Chinese Spotify?

No, there is not. Yet, one of the Chinese freemium music streaming services that Tencent Music, the partnership between Spotify and Tencent, is QQ Music.

What is China’s biggest music platform?

One of the main Chinese suppliers of music streaming is Tencent.


We hope these songs will heal your soul every time you fall in love. These songs have sad and deep melodies that make listeners tear up.

Which song are you most impressed with? Please comment below to let us know. For more Chinese songs, visit our website!