9 Most Popular Songs of Andy Lau

Andy Lau is one of the representatives of the multi-habit development of film, video, and song in the Chinese entertainment industry.

This list sorts out the most classic Andy Lau songs for you based on the popularity of the songs, award-winning information, and relatively high download volume.

1. It’s not a crime for a man to cry (男人哭吧不是罪)

This love song is composed by Li Anxiu and written by Andy Lau, and it is in the album “Men’s Love.” It is the ending song of the TV series “Curious Cases.”

This song won the 23rd Top Ten Golden Melody. It was also the most loved song on China’s 7th Charts.

2. Stupid child (傻孩子)

“Stupid Child” is a work composed by Gao Feng. Included in the album of the same name released by Andy Lau on November 1, 1998, the song also has a solo version by Andy Lau.

In 1998, the song won the Excellent Mandarin Award of the 21st Chinese Golden Songs.

3. Chinese (中国人)

“Chinese” is a song sung by Andy Lau. It was written by Li Anxiu, composed by Chen Yaochuan, and arranged by Tu Huiyuan and Jiang Gangsheng. It was in his 1997 album – “Love Is So Magical”.

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In 1997, the song won the Top Ten Chinese Golden Songs and Top Golden Songs Awards of Radio Television Hong Kong; in 1998, the song won the Hong Kong TVB Gold Award for Most Popular Mandarin Songs.

4. Me and the dream I’m chasing (我和我追逐的梦)

You must have heard this song if you are a fan of Andy Lau. This is one of Andy Lau’s best songs. In busy cities, you and your dreams come and go.

The song reads like a memoir of his regrets from the past. If you, too, have unfulfilled goals, you will be able to relate to the person in this song. Let’s sense Andy’s attempts to be successful.

5. Practice (练习)

“Practice” is a song sung by Andy Lau, with lyrics written by Li Anxiu and Wang Yuzongi. It is in Andy Lau’s “Beautiful Day” album in 2002.

In 2003, the song won the Awards of Top Ten Golden Melody, Outstanding Mandarin Song, and the National Most Popular Chinese Pop Song Silver.

6. Ice rain (冰雨)

“Ice Rain” is a Mandarin lyric song written by Andy Lau and Li Mi, composed by Pan Xie Qing, and arranged by Ricky Ho.

In 1997, the song won the most popular Chinese golden song and the Top Golden Songs in Malaysia Dynamic Awards.

7. Forget the love potion (忘情水)

“Forget the love potion” is a song sung by Andy Lau, composed by Chen Yaochuan, and written by Li Anxiu. It is in Andy Lau’s album “Forget the love potion” on April 30, 1994.

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This song is the movie’s ending song – “Heaven and Earth” – 1994. In 1994, the song won the Award of Hong Kong Top 10 Golden Melody, Hong Kong Metro Radio’s Best Mandarin Song, and others.

This song is also one of the songs with the highest singing rate on Kugou Music KTV.

8. Love You For A Thousand Years (爱你一千年)

This love song was written by Andy Lau, composed by Giorgio Moroder, Chen Dejian, and Andy Lau, and arranged by Kong Xiangdong. It was in the live album “Andy Lau 99 Concert” in October 1999.

In 1999, the song won the Award of Golden Melody on the Channel V Chinese Chart, Top Ten Strong Songs – the Gold Award for the Most Popular Mandarin Song. This song has the highest singing rate on NetEase Cloud Music KTV.

9. Lone Star Tears (孤星泪)

“Lone Star Tears” was in Andy Lau’s solo album “Classic Reappearance.” Wu Bai composed, wrote, and arranged this song. It is one of Andy Lau’s famous works from 1997.

“Lone Star Tears” is the theme song of the movie “Black Gold” and was on the list for Best Original Song at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

Why Is Andy Lau So Famous?

Andy Lau’s concert

His hard work and efforts helped Andy Lau be famous for his singing and acting skills only a short time later. He is a multi-talented symbol of Hong Kong.

In 1985, Andy Lau released his first album. However, this is not a good start for a singer. Instead of blindly taking risks, he focused on analyzing the reasons for failure, and at the same time understanding public tastes and market needs.

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Finally, after five years of unremitting efforts, the actor became a music star with the famous album Maybe or not. Up to now, Andy Lau has owned more than 100 music albums with nearly 1,000 songs.

In the world of artists, many people also admire Andy Lau for his generosity and for always being ready to help colleagues.

Besides, in the Hong Kong entertainment industry, Andy Lau is an artist who has done charity work in silence for many years.


Above is our list of the best Andy Lau songs you should try. His songs always hold a deep meaning in the hearts of fans.

Listen to all the songs on this list to feel his passion for music. Don’t forget to come back to us for featured songs by other singers!