10 Chinese Romantic Songs of All Time to Add To Your Playlist

Chinese is a popular language all over the world. Many Chinese songs with good melodies leave an impression in the hearts of listeners.

This list will review the 10 romantic songs that are addictive. No matter what stage you are in when it comes to love, you will find a song to suit your mood on this list. Keep scrolling to discover!

Here are ten famous songs with different meanings. Whether you are happy or sad because of love, you should still listen to them:

1. The Moon Represents My Heart (月亮代表我的心) – Teresa Teng

“The moon represents my heart” is a classic song. Chen Fenfen sang it first in 1973 and became popular in the Chinese world in 1977 thanks to Teresa Teng.

After this version came out, hundreds of Chinese and foreign singers covered it.

It also appeared in many film and television works, becoming one of the most popular Chinese songs in the Chinese community and the world.

In 1999, it was in the top ten Chinese golden songs of the 20th century in Hong Kong. In 2011, it was in the top ten golden songs in Taiwan for a century.

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2. Simple Love (简单爱) – Jay Chou

“Simple Love” is the third song in Jay Chou’s second album on September 14, 2001. This song ranked second in the 2001 HitFM Network Top 100 Singles.

It reveals simplicity no matter how you look at its creation from any angle. The love in school days is very pure. Jay Chou wrote this song based on his perception of this emotion and then condensed it.

3. The Wedding Dress of Flowers (花的嫁纱) – Wang Xinling

“The Wedding Dress of Flowers” is a song written and composed by Cui Yan (Cui Zige) and sung by Wang Xinling. It is the theme song of the urban youth romance drama “The Wedding Dress of Heaven.”

This is a gentle and sentimental song. Through her clear voice, the lingering sadness in the song conveyed the sentimental and lost mood in the drama.

4. Another Heaven (另一個天堂) – Leehom Wang ft. Jane Zhang

“Another Heaven” is a song by Leehom Wang and Jane Zhang. Leehom Wang composed the music, and Ge Dawei and Leehom Wang wrote the words.

In 2009, this song won the Top 20 Golden Melody Awards at the Ninth Global Chinese Songs Ranking Awards Ceremony.

5. Calacha Love (海芋恋) – Jam Hsiao

“Calacha Love” is a song by Jam Hsiao, which is in the album of the same name (First Live Audio-visual Limited Edition).

Jam Hsiao wrote this song in a competition. For a long time, the song had become very popular on the Internet. Then it was in the album of the same name as a bonus track.

6. Last Time (最後一次》) – R-chord

This song is a song R-chord sang when he was on a program when he was 16 years old. This song is full of bitterness after parting ways with the lover.

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Those good times spent together have become the most painful memories after the breakup. But this song still expresses a kind of positive power.

After breaking up, you still remember to thank that person, thank him for what he taught you, and then stand up bravely and embrace the next new life.

7. Let’s Get Married” (咱们结婚吧) – Qi Chen

“Let’s Get Married” is a song by Qi Chen, released in 2013. This song sang the wedding scene that every girl dreams of, full of romance and warmth.

The sweet melody and brisk rhythm are the standard features of a sweet love song. Her voice is gentle and affectionate, perfectly interpreting the romance and warmth that this love song wants to express.

In 2015, it won the 10 Golden Melody Awards at the Stars Annual Ceremony.

8. The Love Song of Kangding – China National Traditional Orchestra

The most recognizable folk song from the original Xikang region is “The Love Song of Kangding.” It combines an orchestra of traditional Chinese instruments with an accompanying folk choir of a talented group of musicians.

Over the past few thousand years, the song has helped promote the Chinese folk music legacy throughout the world.

9. Sweet Honey (甜蜜蜜) – Teresa Teng

“Sweet Honey” is a song by Teresa Teng. Its melody is from Indonesian folk songs, and Zhuang Nu wrote the lyrics.

This song became the champion song of Hong Kong Commercial Radio in the third week of November 1979.

It is one of the earliest popular songs popularized and sung in mainland China. In 2008, it was one of the top ten classic songs in the 30 years of reform and opening up.

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10. Today You Will Marry Me (今天你要嫁给我) – David Tao ft. Jolin Tsai

“Today You Will Marry Me” is a song sung by David Tao and Jolin Tsai. David Tao wrote the lyrics and arranged them, and it is in David Tao’s fifth album.

He and Jolin Tsai sang the song at the CCTV Spring Festival Gala on February 17, 2007. It won the Best Song of the Year Award at the 18th Golden Melody Awards.

On January 13, 2008, this song won the Duet Award at the 2nd Wireless Music Awards Ceremony.


Pop music was the most popular musical genre in China, according to a consumer poll in the autumn of 2020.

Can Spotify be used in China?

China does not have apps like Spotify, but there are plenty of similar services from tech giants and startups with many royalty-free music services.

What is the best app to download Chinese music?

QQ Music is a powerful music player in China with over one hundred million users.


Above is a list of romantic songs you should listen to at least once. These songs will help your love become more sublimated.

You and your lover can enjoy sweet moments while listening to these songs. For more popular Chinese songs with different themes, visit our website!