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How to Arrange a China Cabinet? 6 Tips to Try

Though it could appear complex, many ways to arrange your china collection exist.

A china cabinet displays and stores dining table decorations. Some use it as a general term for everything they employ to serve visitors in the dining area.

Others use it mostly for decoration rather than storage. Whatever the reason, it’s not easy to arrange a china cabinet.

Once you understand the fundamentals, setting up a china cabinet is relatively simple. Let’s figure it out!

How To Arrange A China Cabinet?

It’s easy to arrange a china cabinet and hutch. But before putting things on an open shelf, take some time to clean everything thoroughly.

The first step in any successful design is determining how to best emphasize your collection’s elements. And the main dish plate was the most critical item.

You need to reset the shelves before you begin, considering the height of the plates. Place plates on the plate rail at the back of the frames.

Place everything securely. Buying china easels or specialized cup and plate display stands to arrange sets. I recommend avoiding perfect symmetry. Too much balance is stuffy and uninteresting.

Combine things and balance tall and short, broad and narrow shapes to achieve symmetry. If you have bright dinnerware, you should also pay attention to and balance out areas with many colors.

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Here are some ideas that you can try:

1. Arrangement By Pattern

Dutch China Cabinet

Organizing your china set by pattern makes sense. That method makes it easy to find your dinnerware set for a holiday.

Place large serving pieces and beverage servers in the center. Then, arrange medium-sized serving pieces and lighter glasses on the upper shelves.

2. Arrangement By Size

The heaviest items go in first. The heaviest items have to be placed on the lowest shelf. These large pieces ought to be in the middle. Make use of the variations in height to distribute the objects fairly.

3. Arrangement By Seasons

Christmas china cabinet

After you’ve organized the china cabinet and shelves to your preference, add natural décor for seasonal accents. For instance, to warm winter greens, I adore adding pinecones or berries in the winter.

I’ll boost it up with reds or other decorations for the holidays. I tuck in a few terracotta pots filled with plants for a sweet cottage appearance in the spring and summer.

If you have other interests, add a few things to the display to add your individuality.

4. Keep Servingware Separate

It is wisest to keep these items in a specific place when arranging your serving ware collection, including beverage pots, gravy boats, and serving platters.

Don’t arrange serving ware in the cabinet because many of these things will only be helpful on special occasions.

5. Stack Your China

If you stack your china, put a piece of china-safe paper or a thin foam between each piece to prevent scratches.

6. Using Padded Bags

Padded bags keep cherished china safely hidden from view. Labeling them is crucial so that you want to avoid opening each bag each time you set the table.

What Should be Displayed in a China Cabinet?

A china cabinet in the dining room

In the china cabinet, you can display decorative glass furniture items, dishes, plates, bowls, cups, and glasses. Read the information below to check out several typical items that go in a china cabinet.

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1. Dishes

I recommend arranging dishes first. It can be authentic Chinese ware or your favorite set of plates.

You could paint the back of the cabinet with a brilliant or striking color if you genuinely wanted the dishes to stand out.

2. Vases & Glassware

Vases and glasses for decoration are an excellent addition. For this, you might use simple ceramic vases or colorful glass vases with designs.

They may add interest to the exhibit and fill up space. Depending on the look you want, you could have a collection of various vases.

3. Pitchers

Put at least one or two pitchers in the china cabinet for large and heavy things. The design ought to gain intrigue and personality as a result.

You may always select a pitcher to accompany the full display if you’re decorating with a theme.

4. Votive and Candles

Place a couple of votive lights on top of a stack of plates. This little item gives the display a dash of sheen and vitality.

5. Cake Stand

Cake stands are unquestionably an appropriate addition to a china cabinet. You may add cake stands of various sizes.

You may leave these cake stands alone or add other objects to adorn them—a stack of cups or an essential pot plant.

6. Plants

Place a few artificial plants amongst other objects to bring positive energy to the china cabinet. You may even make a collection of your favorite succulents.

Adding a slight shade of green may make it look more welcoming and pleasant. Anywhere there is greenery, it feels more welcoming and contemporary.

Where Is The Best Place To Put A China Cabinet?

A living room or dining room corner is frequently the finest place for exhibiting a china cabinet. These classy pieces typically dwell discreetly on the side of a window or fireplace.

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How Can I Make My China Cabinet Look Good?

Blue wooden display cabinet

1. Paint it

You may choose a painted cabinet in a contemporary or classic design. You can also choose a more subdued appearance.

Alternatively, you might leave the wood in its natural state and paint the surface a new color. Paint your cabinet in bright colors with bright designs on the external drawers for a contemporary appearance.

2. Patterned Background

A patterned background is occasionally the most incredible backdrop. You can cover the back of your china cabinet with cloth or paper.

3. Silver and Gold

Metallics are a need regardless of what else you display in your china cabinet. Your dining area will have a more contemporary feel thanks to the sparkle of silver and gold.


What do you put in a built-in china cabinet?

  • A set of white dishes
  • Set of glassware
  • Set of Silverware
  • Napkin Rings.
  • Chargers.
  • 3-5 Serving Platters.
  • Large Pitcher.
  • Cake Plates.

What is the proper stacking of chinaware?

You can put the plates upright and allow them to rest against the back of the cabinet. That idea will save space and highlight your exquisite china design.


You can quickly make your china cabinet appear lovely with only a few well-chosen items. You may choose a few comparable products from each area to focus on or mix things up for a unique presentation.

This post has helped you learn how to arrange your china cabinet. I appreciate your reading and thank you for reading!