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How to Decorate a China Cabinet Without Dishes?

China cabinets are becoming more popular nowadays because of their modern and excellent beauty, and reliable durability. Besides, their value is so great for such an affordable price range.

How do you decorate your china cabinet without any dishes? Read this post if you are about to purchase a china cabinet to add to your kitchen.

Instead of using dishes, you can use utensils and items to decorate the cabinet. Check out the solutions and make your cabinet more beautiful than ever!

How To Decorate A China Cabinet Without Dishes? 10 Easy Solutions

A china cabinet can store many items, not limited to only plates and dishes. You can choose decorative items like vases, cake stands, silverware, or even your favorite collections.

Yet, the key to creating an attractive china cabinet is arranging and decorating it. Follow the instructions below to pick a suitable solution for your preferences.

1. Add Greenery

Greeneries can help soften the edgy design of your china cabinet. Plus, they will turn your cabinet into a mini garden, bringing more freshness and relaxation.

You can use tropical houseplants or faux houseplants for this taste. Pick greeneries that don’t need sunlight and regular watering to survive.

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Another clever idea is to put two pots of palm trees on the two sides of your cabinet. They create an aesthetic look and make the item more accommodating.

Greeneries Make You Feel More Relaxed

2. Use Decorative Boxes

Decorative boxes, also known as caskets, are typically small containers. These items are smaller than a chest and come with eye-catching decorative patterns.

Thus, you can use these boxes to store the small items inside the cabinet. Due to their small sizes, the containers can easily fit in your furniture.

3. Display Figurines

Are you a fan of Marvel superheroes or any movie, comic, or story? If the answer is yes, a collection of display figurines is perfect for decorating your cabinet.

If you have a china cabinet in the bedroom and living room, go for this idea. Yet, your cabinet should have a glass cover to protect the figure from molds or dust.

4. Add Books

Books are an excellent choice for decorating china cabinets in the living or working room. They pair well with wooden cabinets with an antique look.

Yet, you should fill the cabinet with many books and arrange them carefully to create a beautiful pattern. Remember to cover the book and clean the dust regularly to maintain their beauty.

Books Turn The Cabinet Into A Mini Library

5. Use Art Prints

Art prints are the ultimate decorative option for gallery walls and cabinets. You can put the art prints in the cabinet storage space to create a beautiful collection.

Another option is to hang them on top of the furniture. Besides, you can combine the art prints with the displaying figurines of people you love.

6. Incorporating Mirrors

Mirrors are a great choice if you place your cabinet in a small space or living room. Using mirrors can add more glamour to the cabinet and increase its beauty.

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Plus, the mirror can reflect natural sunlight and make your room warmer. Ensure the mirrors’ size and material fit your cabinet nicely to create a harmonious combination.

The Mirrors Are Always Classy

7. Add Decorative Lighting

You can use lines of LED lights and wrap them around your cabinet’s edges. It would be best to hang the lines on the back of the furniture and create a bright background.

Don’t worry about added electricity bills because these wires don’t consume a lot of energy. When you turn off the lights in your room, your cabinet will turn into a mesmerizing artwork.

8. Use Textiles

Consider wrapping your cabinet with textiles or storing pieces of fabric inside it. They will make the room look more cozy and accommodating. For instance, a mix of decorative textiles with colorful patterns is my recommendation.

Decorative Textiles

9. Add Seasonal Decor

Seasonal decor refers to the temporary ornaments that pair with seasonal or holiday occasions. For instance, you can decorate your china cabinet with lightning, Christmas trees, and gifts on Christmas.

If it is New Year’s Eve, change the theme to red and choose suitable ornaments. Thus, you can impress your guests and friends when they visit your house on these occasions.

Christmas Seasonal Decors

10. Display Collectibles

A collection of toys, books, or even watches and phones is a good choice. If you have a small cabinet with a lot of storage space, displaying these things will make the furniture more beautiful.


There are a lot of uses and benefits a china cabinet can bring. Check out the FAQs below to discover more.

What Can You Use A China Cabinet For?

The most common use of a china cabinet is to store things. You can display your collection and items, for instance, while keeping them clean from dirt. Besides, the cabinet can play as a decorative item in your kitchen or living room.

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What Can I Do With The Top Of A China Cabinet?

You can hang artwork on the top of a china cabinet, such as a beautiful ceramic base or a picture. Hanging some greeneries or storing some extra utensils are also excellent choices.

Is It Ok To Put A China Cabinet In The Living Room?

You can put a china cabinet in the living room. Yet, you should ensure that the cabinet’s material and appearance match the other furniture in your living room.

Final Thoughts

A china cabinet’s beauty depends mainly on how you arrange and decorate it. You can choose from simple greeneries and items to classy collections of silverware.

Yet, ensure that you arrange these items in an eye-catching and harmonious pattern. It will increase the aesthetic aspect of the cabinet significantly. Thus, you will gain more joy and motivation by looking at the cabinet.