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What to Put in a China Cabinet? (+16 Best Ideas)

You want to utilize a China cabinet to exhibit your possessions. Do you know what to put in your china cabinet?

You must be able to organize, style, and pack everything that goes inside your cabinets. So, you’re in the correct spot.

We have compiled this helpful list to provide ideas for utilizing your cabinet. Let’s look at the following examples to obtain ideas.

Incorporating these objects in a stunning arrangement will give your house a distinctive and attractive look. Look for the best options for designing and embellishing your cabinet below!

1. Set of White Dishes


You should arrange dishes first in a china cabinet. They may be real China plates or just your favorite set of words in the pattern of your choice.

White dinnerware is incredibly adaptable! They can dress up for a formal supper or down for a more informal one.

You may now maintain a consistent color palette. But you may also experiment with other hues to create a unique appearance.

Consider displaying a few mugs, bowls, glasses, saucers, cups, and a stack of plates on each shelf. You might paint the cabinet’s background with bright color if you want the dishes to stand out.

2. Set of Glassware

Glassware is a fantastic addition as well. They may add interest to the exhibit and fill up space.

Experts advise keeping your glassware in your cabinets facing right side up. The explanation is that glassware always weighs more on the bottom.

The top of the glass may become weak if you keep the drinks upside down with the heavier part on top. It increases the likelihood of chipping or cracking.

I employed a riser to quadruple the room in our cabinet for our smaller tumblers and juice glasses. I don’t waste any space doing it this way.

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3. Set of Silverware


You can display any elaborate set of gold silverware in the china cabinet. Your cabinet will look more precious and intriguing as a result.

It will also blend well with the other products mentioned above. That idea makes a significant visual effect.

Does your kitchen have deep drawers? Utilize them with a two-tier slide organizer to hold extra utensils.

First, put the serving utensils used only during special occasions at the rear. Then, arrange the most-used silverware pieces on top.

Hang your utensils if you don’t have enough drawer space. It’s great to hang small galvanized buckets on the back of a cabinet.

Also, you can utilize the depth of your drawer by stacking your silverware in two levels. When you need to remove some silverware pieces, you may slide or lift out two carriers by stacking them on top of one another.

4. Vases

Put ceramic vases or colorful glass vases with designs in china cabinets. Think about combining this choice with the prior dishware suggestion. Depending on the look you want, you could always arrange collections of various vases.

5. Napkin Rings

Napkin rings

Another thing you can put in the cabinet is napkin rings. I took my holder to arrange my crystal napkin rings.

It’s a good idea to arrange the rings in a row in a silverware container. I filled them with my seasonal and holiday napkin rings.

Right now, everything is tidy and orderly. I love opening the drawers to see what I have within.

6. Serving Platters

A serving platter is a way to go if you want to upgrade the way your kitchen looks. It also adds some flair to your cabinet.

Serving platters are flat bowls or trays to present and serve various foods. Because of their relatively simple forms, the design is crucial in making them stand out.

The material of serving plates is one of their most distinctive characteristics. Most platters are made of porcelain, melamine, bamboo, or plastic.

In particular, porcelain serving platters are constructed of ceramic and fired to high temperatures. They are solid plates with an upscale appearance.

7. Large Pitcher

A pitcher is an ideal complement to your serving ware because it is a large container to pour beverages. Large gatherings like dinner parties or picnics work well with it.

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There is a large variety of sturdy and beautiful items to meet your various demands. The glass pitcher accents the cabinet with brilliance and purity.

The mix of a beautiful glass pitcher, storage, and lighting in a kitchen stands out. It is the ideal enhancement for any room.

8. Cake Plates

Cake plates

Cake stands would be unquestionably an appropriate addition to a cabinet. It’s possible to add cake stands of various sizes.

You may put the cake stands alone or other objects on them. I recommend decorating an essential pot plant or the mugs.

9. Votives & Candle Sticks

You may complete your arrangement by adding a few votives and candles on top of a stack of plates or between other things. This little object gives the display a dash of sheen and vitality.

10. Wire Baskets

Another fantastic thing to use in a china cabinet to fill space is baskets. Additionally, they give the arrangement an exciting look.

Depending on the design and subject of your cabinet, you can arrange a small woven or wire basket. You might fill the basket with more things or leave it empty.

11. Plants


Place a few artificial plants amongst other objects to bring color, texture, and positive energy to the china cabinet. You may even make an exhibition of your favorite succulents.

Adding a slight hue of green may make the cabinet look more welcoming and pleasant. It seems incredibly unique, with a china cabinet that comes in a single solid shade.

12. Books

You can convert your cabinet into a bookshelf to display your favorite books and novels. Choose special editions and collector’s editions for a feeling of elegance.

You can alternate the book’s shelves with other dishes, plants, decorations, and vases for an exciting look.

13. Ornaments

It’s a great idea to use ornaments to decorate a china cabinet. The cabinet can even stock various decorations.

It is challenging to specify precisely which decorations should be on display. It varies on individual preferences.

14. Photographs

Displaying your favorite pictures of scenery or family snapshots may make a china cabinet more unique.

Here, you can either arrange the pictures on the shelves. You might try grouping them with different objects.

Using eye-catching frames to accentuate the space and spruce it up is a great idea.

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15. Collectibles

Do you possess a collection of which you are very proud? You may use a china cabinet to exhibit anything.

It might be your preferred card collection, cameras, toys, antique vehicles, action figures, models, or valuable goods. It’s a terrific opportunity to showcase your charm and individuality.

Additionally, the cabinet adds an extra layer of defense from dust and filth for your collection.

16. Decorative Boxes


In a cabinet, decorative storage containers may also look stunning. Typically, these are little or big boxes with elaborate designs.

If you don’t want to buy one, you can make your elegant storage box out of seashells, beads, white pebbles, or glass. It will give the cabinet a lovely look.


How do you secure dishes in a china cabinet?

  • Lean the tops of your tallest plates against the cabinet’s rear wall and gently insert the bottoms of each one in the groove.
  • It is advisable to utilize larger plates at the back.

What do you display in a china cabinet?

  • Set of glassware
  • Set of white dishes
  • Napkin rings
  • Set of silverware
  • Serving platters
  • Chargers
  • Cake plates
  • Large pitcher
  • White napkins
  • Votives & candle sticks
  • Plants
  • Wire baskets
  • Ornaments
  • Books
  • Collectibles
  • Photographs
  • Decorative boxes

What do you hang on each side of a china cabinet?

What do you hang on the cabinet’s two sides? You may draw attention to the cabinet with lighting, artwork, or a mirror hanging.


In conclusion, porcelain or ceramic plates are the most significant goods to display in a cabinet. You can add a fancy look to the wardrobe by putting a few potted plants or ornamental vases.

Using personal family photographs and your favorite books is a good idea. You can quickly give your china cabinet a lovely appearance with only a few well-chosen items..

Enjoy your new storage space and have fun with the decorating!